You can bet on Podcasting

You can bet on Podcasting

Why most entrepreneurial businesses will profit from a podcast

For me one of the most important aspects to consider a new marketing medium is whether there is a benefit in that medium or not. There are multiple articles that highlight the benefits of podcasting for business, and I will cover the important ones in future blog posts. But, we will start with my favourite (or maybe, its my second favourite). This is a podcasting success story …

Who is behind the success of this podcast?

Jay is the host of the Social Pros podcast and Jay Today. He’s also the man behind His company is Convince & Convert. Jay started podcasting in January 2012, and just finished the third season of his Social Pros podcast, which totals about 150 episodes. Jay explains that Tristin Handy, who was director of marketing at Argyle Social at the time, asked him to start a podcast. They got together and decided to create a show that paid attention to the unsung heroes of social media. Jay says it’s grown far beyond the expectations he had for it at the beginning.

What podcasting does for them?

  1. The Social Pros podcast allows them to spotlight their corporate clients, as well as interview potential future clients.
  2. Podcasting has become a strong lead-generation business strategy.
  3. It’s also helped Jay from a personal branding and awareness perspective, because it positions him (and his company) as a leader in the field.

How has he leveraged into other mediums?

Jay recently launched Jay Today, which is three three-minute videos each week of him talking about social media, content marketing, business and life. He started Jay Today as a way to maintain his own voice and continue to connect with his audience on a personal level. He worked out a system with his team that allows him to shoot it on his iPhone in one take and upload it to his team. It comes back the next day edited and then goes up on YouTube, Facebook, his website and iTunes as a video and audio podcast. They also transcribe it and make it a post on their blog, LinkedIn and Medium. Jay has formed strong connections with their listeners.

He sees the level of intimacy with fans as a plus. He talks about his new site, which is the very first search engine for marketing podcasts. He built it because it didn’t exist.

Listen to Jay on the Social Media Examiner Podcast by clicking here.

I wonder what your thoughts are about this story. Please email me back with your thoughts, I would love to hear more, and feature your thoughts on upcoming blog posts.

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