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Since 2015, We Are Podcast has united professionals, founders, and brands alike to give you all the tips, strategies, and resources to leverage one of the fastest growing and most exciting avenues for business growth.

Our community – comprised of thousands of podcasters from around the world – get unparalleled access to 70+ industry experts to help them grow their podcast and their business. Our experts are REAL leaders in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and marketing who have all achieved REAL results. And they love nothing more than helping others do the same.

In addition, through our renowned accelerators, events, and memberships, our founders Ronsley and James (you can meet them below) are here to support you as much as they can.

Our values are: connection, collaboration, and contribution. From these three simple virtues, movements are built and lives are changed. We’ve used them to build thriving businesses and million-dollar brands for podcasters everywhere.

At our heart, we’re here to help you harness your voice to help make the world a better place. However, that can only happen if you have the financial resources to be able to sustain your passion. It’s the #1 problem that podcasters face and the #1 solution we deliver: how to monetize your passion.

We're driving the podcast movement forward and we're here to help YOU. Tell us more about you so we can help share your unique gifts with the world.

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Who is behind We Are Podcast?


Founder / Chief Product Officer
B.E. CSE, MSoftEng, DipFS(FP), MBA

Ronsley is the host of the audio-documentary podcast Psychology of Entrepreneurship, & founder of award-winning audio marketing agency Must Amplify. In addition to being the world's first audio marketing agency, Must Amplify helps leading brands position their messaging to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace by adding voice to their brand.

Ronsley’s first book Amplify has helped countless companies, associations, and individuals to raise their voice, boost their brand, and grow their business. Through his range of podcasts, including Bond Appetit and Should I Start a Podcast, Ronsley has been downloaded and listened to more than five million times in 133 countries.

In 2015, Ronsley founded We Are Podcast, the first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere, as an annual event to bring together some of the most extraordinary individuals and companies in the podcast space to help attendees supercharge their business—while feeling more inspired and empowered than ever before.

In 2019, Ronsley launched audio-documentary The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, a no holds barred insight into the daily struggles and pitfalls that entrepreneurs face in their mission to transform the world.

As producer and host, Ronsley interviewed iconic business leaders and mindset experts to equip entrepreneurs with the tools to stay productive in the face of adversity.

In demand as a keynote speaker, Ronsley travels around the world to share his business strategies with those who have the yearning for something more in their lives and to help them solve meaningful problems in their own way. His TED talk ‘The Perfect Recipe for a Deep Conversation’ encourages real connection and inspires people to think bigger than their circumstances and unite behind a common good.

As a qualified chef, Ronsley loves nothing more than sharing an evening and a meal with deep thinkers while discussing how to make the world a better place for all of us.

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Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer
BA, B.Bus(Mgt), AdvDipFS(FP), MBA

James grew up in Australia where he enjoyed a successful 10-year career in financial planning, running a company with more than $2 billion under management, before starting his own entrepreneurial journey. Today, James has launched companies and products across a range of industries including healthcare, marketing, film, activewear, and publishing.

He is in demand internationally as a keynote speaker and is a frequent guest in media, having appeared on 300+ radio, podcast, and television shows, and in globally recognized publications such as Entrepreneur, Money, and Success Magazine.

James is a two-time bestselling author, with his second book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy released in 2018 as the official companion to the multi-million-dollar film based on Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic. James is also a proud co-executive producer of the film. His third book will be released in September 2020.

In addition, James is host of Win the Day with James Whittaker, a podcast designed to help people take ownership of their financial, physical, and mental health.

Through his tailored keynotes, bestselling books, and leadership programs, James has helped hundreds of individuals and companies reach new heights of accountability, happiness, and success. In addition to his own experience, James shares lessons garnered from his interviews with more than 100 of the world’s most accomplished business leaders, cultural icons, and athletes, to reveal what is possible for those who dream big, follow the right plan, and win the day.

Above all, he hopes to instill the important fundamental truth that each day, if we do not make the decision to win, we have automatically made the decision to lose.

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