12.Opportunities, Authenticity, and Getting Real Live with Susan Sohn

12.Opportunities, Authenticity, and Getting Real Live with Susan Sohn

Susan Sohn is a strong voice for family through the structure of Get Real Live. Additionally, Susan has managed to build a thriving business through simply doing what she does and is now spending much of her time giving back and helping other people Build | Connect and most importantly ENGAGE.

Susan started blogging before it was ever deemed cool. She started back in 2005 and set up her first ‘blogspot’ all in an effort to tell stories. As a young mum, living away from family Susan quickly realised that perhaps the current state of family life (for many) wasn’t what she knew or was used to. As she went about raising her small children, she found herself spending a lot of time answering questions about discipline, raising children who listened, enjoying your children in all seasons.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is “Get Real Live”.
  • The “Get Real Live” Mission.
  • Impacts of Podcasting to Susan’s business: Good or Bad.
  • Opportunity to create as a trusted voice resource.
  • Podcast bottom line correlation to PR.
  • Building relationships with audience.
  • Value of what you have to offer.
  • How Podcast helps businesses.
  • How to make money on Podcast.
  • Podcast: Opening doors of opportunities.
  • Layers of success.
  • The best time in Podcasting: When no one is listening.
  • Richest moments in Podcast.
  • Susan’s new show.
  • How being an interviewer gives you the benefit of learning from extraordinary people.
  • Podcasting on Radio.
  • Going back and sharing the ancient art of story telling with Susan Sohn.
  • Where do we fit in the Australian Market.
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  • Interviewing one of the Bali 9.
  • Interview with Andrew Griffith writer of Ink Magazine.
  • Susan Sohn’s reasons for Podcasting.
  • Blogging: Audience demands you to write!
  • Susan Sohn’s Podcasting history.
  • Why is Podcasting “HOT” now.
  • The difference of Podcasting and Broadcasting.
  • Ways to let people be engaged.
  • How to get people create their authentic platform to connect with people.
  • Authentic Podcasting.
  • Finding out what people need.
  • Having the correct information for back-up.
  • Podcast: The down side.
  • Blogging’s effect in building an audience.
  • Disadvantages as a Podcaster.
  • The next steps for Susan Sohn.

When someone is considering a podcast as a medium, how do I know if it’s for me? How complicated is it to do a podcast?

  • Forging ones own path.
  • Podcasting is constant re-invention.
  • Podcasting is all about compelling content.
  • Podcast is all about what people love.
  • Blazing own trail and just go for it.
  • Podcasters should learn to listen to people.
  • Start asking questions to the people around you.
  • Podcasting takes time.
  • Ask the questions:
    • Do you think I am skilled in this area?
    • Do you think this is something that I could grow?
    • Is this something that is going to benefit my portfolio and my platform?
    • Is this something that could potentially take away from what I already created?

What are the disadvantages of a podcaster?

  • Not being technical savvy.
  • Having so many advantages, disadvantages are too small.

What are the biggest regrets of a podcaster?

  • Wished to be more organised.
  • Didn’t put best-foot forward in terms of content.

What are the most important things to consider?

  • The number of engaged listeners.
  • Ability to expand conversation.
  • Ability to expand engagement with people.
  • Create something out of nothing.
  • Having a message that resonates with the core of humanity.
  • Guard your vision and never lose focus.

What were the last Books on audio you listened to?

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Where to find Susan


Listen and Watch the full speech used in the intro – Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

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