Ep.88 Tony Loyd on How to Avoid Podcast Flop and Find Success in a Startup

88. Tony Loyd on How to Avoid Podcast Flop and Find Success in a Startup

Today on the Should I Start A Podcast show, I talk to Tony Loyd: first-time caller and long-term friend.

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Tony has had quite a remarkable career as an executive with various Fortune 500 companies, but after he felt too much of a conflict between himself and his corporate position, he left in search of a more favourable role that could cater to his desire to give back to the world.

After starting up his own strategic planning and talent management company, Tony recognised the rapid rates of change that were occurring in every industry.

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Through this, he realised the power that startups and entrepreneurs have to take on the big challenges and bring about positive changes.

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Now, Tony hosts a podcast called Social Entrepreneur but, as we find out in this episode, podcasting isn’t often the easiest road to take.

Listen to find out about the downsides of podcasting, as well as:

  • The 17 sustainable development goals
  • Top tips on how to start a business
  • The definition and importance of a social entrepreneur
  • The #1 most common thing that holds entrepreneurs back
  • Tony’s journey from a corporate career to a podcast host
  • The mistakes Tony made at the beginning of his podcasting career and how you can avoid doing the same
  • The importance of shaping the voice of your podcast, and the best way to do that
  • Why businesses need to focus on more than just their shareholders
  • How to distinguish a hobby from a potential career
  • How to know when podcasting just isn’t working out for you


Tony’s website

The Social Entrepreneur podcast

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