70. Rebroadcast: Profitable Hospitality and How to Best Interview Your Guest with Ken Burgin

Ken Burgin has been actively involved in hospitality for more than 25 years. First as the owner of Caffe Troppo in Sydney, and then working with restaurants, hotels and cafes in an advisory role. His resource website ProfitableHospitality.com is used by business owners and managers all around the world. Ken likes to use webinars and podcasts as another way to reach new and existing customers, backed up by active use of social media and an email newsletter.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ken’s result of what he managed to achieve so far since he started a podcast
  • A satisfying good feedback from people he’s getting in
  • His love of communicating with people on how to run their businesses successfully and more profitable
  • The most interesting conversation for Ken
  • Having a solo podcast show
  • What’s make a podcast so much better for people?
  • The importance of developing skill to be a good interviewer by asking really good questions and getting to the point really quickly.
  • How to develop skills on podcasting?
  • The importance of hospitality and prepare guests for questions to boost their confidence
  • How to interrupt people who talk and answer too long?
  • The relevance of podcast in business
  • No content without conversion
  • Why podcasting is hot all of a sudden since 2004?
  • The importance of engagement to listeners
  • What’s the disadvantage of podcasting?
  • The importance of outsourcing to do all the stuffs and put them all together
  • The importance of consistency in building an audience
  • Writing down ideas to notes
  • The great questions to ask by podcasters
  • Let’s dig in into failures and explore that side
  • The obstacles Kim went through in podcasting
  • Getting skill up through interview show
  • Learn how to be engaging and interesting and relax
  • The importance of workshop course to get going
  • What can someone look forward to for Profitable Hospitality podcast?
  • Helping people’s business profitable,  be popular and easy to run to


“Well I think there’s one of those. Coming back to that no content without conversion, I think it’s easy to just going to be giving away a whole lot of stuffs that it would be nice to monetize in some way. “

“I think opportunities that are not taken up for me podcasters plenty of those that I could think about but not sure about. “

“There’s good stuffs on YouTube to learn, those Pat Flynn YouTube videos, a course. I actually did a course which was what I needed to just get me through and learn about the RSS feeds and all that and get the microphone. And I actually went down the editing which I stop very quickly, I got some software that I use for recording but very quickly I got through Upwork. I got someone who just does and puts them all together because I was the bottleneck. I was great doing the interviews and all those stuffs, get the labels write, the intro, the little music beat and this and the other, bad move. And so by getting outsourcing that, I’m a huge believer that there’s lots of possible business. It means I can be regular because every Sunday my podcast goes up and I think that’s part of building your audience not just the occasional thing. “


“The skill of all the podcasters should be developed is really being good interviewers and asking really good questions and getting to the point really quickly. “

“One of the things that help me develop was that I run a lot of conferences, sort of ten years. And I found that by getting hospitality. I kind of develop my skills from the stage and just asking people face to face. A lot of people who started podcasting don’t have that opportunity as well but I would say to develop your skills, listen to podcasters and just get a bit of really great questions that just make the whole thing just really come to life and interesting because we want to get people listening all the way through. Also I prepare my guests so I send them a list of the question that I’m going to ask. It gives them confidence because a lot of them haven’t been interviewed before and sometimes they don’t even use Skype before.”

“The biggest thing was like “What am I going to talk about”? I think the interview thing could be fantastic way to just get skill up but I still think that there’s a point to where we can do solo stuff and learn how to be engaging and interesting and relax. With that, that can be good too.”


There’s a few kind of business related marketing related ones, The Noisy boys

I just love “So you want to be a photographer? Valerie Khoo and Gina Milicia. I really enjoy that. They got a love engaging, conversational topics. That’s good.

But then I really interested in history. A wonderful one, BBC for 10 minutes of something that happened in history. Amazing.

I have to confess I’ve never listened to Serial.

Some I like Terry Gross, she does the Fresh Air. That’s the NPR one. It just a wonderful story. She interviews the most amazing people. The stories of their lives.

And Richard Fidler. He’s a great interviewer and great to listen to his technique.



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