64. Being Indispensable and Overcoming Fear with Liz Van Vliet

Liz Van Vliet wants to be an indispensable Executive Assistant. She is on a mission to discover the skills and attributes that will make her irreplaceable.

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By interviewing awesome Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants, she hopes to uncover the qualities that make them indispensable.

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There are a multitude of titles for the role of Executive Assistant and a myriad of hard and soft skills that are listed in job descriptions, but what is it that differentiates awesome, amazing and indispensable assistants from the rest? Liz also shares her own experiences on the road to being indispensable: The tips and techniques, the successes and the failures; sharing her learnings in order to help others avoid the same pitfalls, allowing listeners to benefit from her research into the skills and capabilities needed to exceed the expectations of business leaders.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Struggling with the psychological reaction, fight-or-flight reflex, and how Liz managed to overcome it
  • About Liz Van Vliet’s podcast
  • Her traumatic life experience of having breast cancer
  • What it’s like as an Executive Assistance
  • What motivated her to starting a podcast and how she came up with its awesome name
  • What makes an Executive Assistant (EA) indispensable
  • Liz’s podcasting journey
  • The barriers Liz experienced before launching her podcast
  • A few points to consider in doing a podcast
  • About BeingIndispensable.com
  • Her thoughts and learnings from attending the We Are Podcast 2016 conference
  • Her insights on the WAP Mastermind Session

What would’ve made it easier/What would you have changed?

‘The technical things were scary, but because I am very comfortable with technology I was able to overcome it.’

‘I would have liked to have known early on about scheduling my interviews – lining them up and getting them batched together. Not so much batched but scheduling. The scheduling is a big thing.’

How complicated is it to do a podcast?

‘There are so many things you need to learn. It’s practise, practise, practise. So, that’s part of the benefit of this journey’

What are the most important things to consider?

‘When everyone talks about the fact that you shouldn’t get hung up on your first few episodes.

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For me, don’t get hung up on your episodes at all because you’ll improve all the time.’

Where to find Liz Van Vliet


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Email:  [email protected]

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