156. Michael O’Neal on The Art Of The Interview

Host of the hugely popular podcast The Solopreneur Hour, Michael O’Neal, knows a thing or two about how to interview a guest the right way. In fact, his show’s episode list looks like a who’s who of the entrepreneurial world.

But before starting his podcast journey in 2013, Michael studied to be a professional broadcaster. Since then he has taken much of what he’s learned from the pros and adapted it to the podcasting medium, and it’s seen him become the podcaster’s podcaster.

In this presentation at the We Are Podcast conference in 2017, Michael covers his essential tips for mastering the art of the interview. If you host a podcast now or hope to in the future, Michael’s tips are sure help you stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what Michael covers in this presentation:

  •     Why podcasters should consider themselves professional broadcasters
  •     Getting the best out of your guest
  •     An introduction to ‘proadcasting’
  •     How to land amazing guests
  •     Researching your guests the right way
  •     Setting up the interview for success
  •     The art of the introduction
  •     When and how to promote your guest
  •     Controlling the interview
  •     Asking the right questions
  •     Getting guests to share your show


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Twitter: @solohour

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