14: The beauty of the process and the relevance to doing it the right way with Dr. Laurence Tham

Dr. Laurence Tham is an international Wellness Expert and Speaker. His passion and focus is on the psychology of human behaviour and motivation when it comes to health and wellness. He believes in the “lead by example” approach as the solution to creating greater health and wellness for our kids and our future generation.
He is the co-founder of ‘The Wellness Guys’, a weekly podcast show dedicated to bringing “wellness” into people’s lives. The show is a phenomenal hit reaching #1 in Australia on iTunes in less than 4 months. He is also the co-founder of ‘The Wellness Couch’, creators of a string of Top 10 health podcasts including “Up for a Chat”, “That Paleo Show” and “Inside the Champion’s Mind” of which Dr. Laurence is also the host of this #1 Self-Help podcast on iTunes.

Dr. Laurence is the founder of “Drive Your Practice”, a coaching program focused on getting chiropractors out of ‘survival’ into ‘sustainability’ and success. His programs – Ignition, Turbo and Nitro are designed to build certainty, communication and credibility.

He has created several successful Wellness programs to help people shift from ‘sickness’ into ‘health’ using the latest technology and strategies. “The Wellness Blueprint” and “The 30 Days to Wellness” are programs that help people create a compelling future not only for themselves but for the entire family.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Laurence Tham’s perspective to live a fulfilling Life
  • The importance of budgeting time and setting priorities
  • How does he practice Work, Life balance?
  • Building routines to function the best way possible
  • The importance of creating routines to minimize distractions
  • Being productive in the morning which works best for Dr. Tham
  • Know when is your productive time as an Entrepreneur
  • How Dr. Tham start his day?
  • Starting his day to win as a warrior and setting his day to be a champion
  • Measuring the gratitude and enjoy life while we can
  • Being Grateful and Thankful everyday
  • The importance of taking time and slow down as an Entrepreneur to enjoy the moment and move forward
  • The Wellness Guys
  • Being a Chiropractor
  • How and when did he start Podcasting?
  • What’s the impact that their show is making?
  • What’s their goal in creating their shows?
  • Creating better and better shows in term of people’s health
  • How easy to start a podcast nowadays?
  • Tham’s obstacle when he was starting a podcast and how he gets better at it?
  • The experienced he developed over the year and then how podcasting becomes a natural conversation
  • The disadvantage of podcasting in today’s age and how to step up with standards?
  • The importance of a quality show which really matters
  • Taking commitment first and facing fears to take the courage to commit
  • What’s make people successful?
  • Setting goals to push our comfort zones
  • The importance of being with good people and someone who would change our perception to the world
  • Taking bigger challenges to become a stronger person
  • What are the results and the highlights since they start podcasting?
  • The key things to a better and successful podcast
  • Why podcasting is so hot all of a sudden?

What would’ve made it easier/What would you have changed?

“If we go back from the early episode like 10 episode, I was like, I was very very strategic on questions to be asked “don’t ask me these questions, I can’t answer that.” I just felt dumped because I wasn’t really great in wellness information so I became like the host. But what I recognized was, I do have something to say and over time these conversations become natural and anything else you get better at it. And now honestly, we didn’t have plan questions, half of this podcast, was the show like we didn’t even know where want to go right? It’s just a natural conversation. It wouldn’t happen if I haven’t been caught all of these years. And now I can probably go out and speak to thousand people on something if I wanted to without any preparation because of the experienced I’ve developed over the years.”

When someone is considering a podcast as a medium, how do I know if it’s for me? How complicated is it to do a podcast?

“You got some skill, you got some knowledge and passion on something, guess what, you got a message to share, you have market that you want to target to and you have a platform, the mold that you can choose is anything you want. The technology, literally, you don’t have to leave your house, right? You got a webcam, like a camera literally on your computer that you can take videos and put it up on YouTube all of these is for free. Podcast is just a mic and Skype. If you know what you’re doing and that’s it.

It’s amazing to me how many people know who we are simply because we decided one day we should just record our conversation.

The obstacles to me, for me especially was, “Who’s going to listen to me.”? Self-doubt right? And so the key things to remember, I think that got me out to this was to, to just do it and by doing it, you start to recognize “well maybe no one does want to listen to me but what you got to lose?” Like you’re not going to find out until you’re actually give to go.”

How often should I podcast?

“I would say though, today’s age, yes podcasting is getting easier, video is easier, and we have all the technology. The other side of things though is, it is a little bit harder as well at the same time. The standard now is everybody step in up. The whole game is step up. So now it is easy to get in but for you to get a tribe or listeners to get listened to you, you have to step up your standard. So now all of a sudden, everybody is forcing you to play at different level.”

What are the first mistakes that podcasters often make?

“Anybody can do a podcast but not everybody does. Why? Because not everybody is willing to work. I say, it’s easy to get in but I don’t say it’s easy to maintain it. Right? I run three podcasts and you know much work to put it. It’s like preparing for the interview and setting up the interview in various time zones and also preparing the show. We got to commit that the show has to come out every single week.“

What are the most important things to consider?

“You got commitment, you got courage and all the things that come along and all the lessons that you need to learn and then all of a sudden, once you’ve learned it, you built what? Confidence.”

“When you take on bigger challenges in your life, what happened then is you become the stronger person. One of the key thing is that, when you start building those confidence, and you start to recognize that. You got to learn to go through the smaller faces.”

“I think it’s really important to be authentic. People find you anyway. So whoever you are on a podcast, just be you. People will going to love you for who you are rather trying to be or become someone else. I want to take other people the best version of them.”

“You need to be perceived as the expert in your space. If you want to go in the big space. I think to become an expert, it’s about finding your market place. Be specific. What’s the message that you want to tell them? What do you want to bring? Be specific as possible. And the medium that you want to utilize. Whether be podcasting or videos.”

Which podcast should I follow, why and how often?

“There’s a couple of few ones. It’s got to be interesting. I love James Altucher. I love his great show called London Real. Tim Ferres show, I listened too sometimes. Tai Lopez is really cool. I just met this guy Jayson Gaignard, Mastermind talks and how to charm.”

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