137. Making the Membership Model Work

Taking your audience from avid listeners to paying members can be a lucrative way of monetising your podcast.

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The membership model, on paper, is a great idea. You generate a community of loyal subscribers, they pay you every month and you have a consistent revenue stream. The problem is, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The churn rate, or the amount of people that quit using a subscription after only a few months, can be very high. And people, especially nowadays with so much content out in the world, demand a very high degree of quality if they’re going to pay monthly.

At We Are Podcast 2016, we had a panel of industry experts sit down and share how they’ve made their own subscription models work. The discussion was informative, interesting — and sometimes downright hilarious. You’ll definitely want to give it a watch.

The featured panel guests include:

  • Sean D’Souza, Owner of PsychoTactics and Author
  • Nathan Chan, CEO & Publisher of Foundr Magazine
  • Carla Papas, Co-founder of The Merrymaker Sisters
  • Karly Nimmo, Director of Killer Kopy and Host of two No.1 iTunes podcasts: Karlosophies & Keeping Good Company

They also discuss:

  • Why memberships should be community driven
  • How to create accountability in your members
  • How to get members to share and participate more
  • Using members to supplant recruitment for events
  • Why membership models won’t work for everyone
  • The importance of making members feel safe and comfortable
  • Some ideas for keeping things fresh in your subscription service
  • How to recruit quality members



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