116. Networx Panel: Three Successful Podcasters’ Tips for Success

Our latest episode is something a little different. Recently I was lucky enough to sit on a Networx panel with two other successful Australian podcasters: Stevie Dillon of Stevie Says Social and Phoebe Parsons of Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck.

Our conversation was one part fun, one part hilarious and one part incredibly useful for fledgling podcasters. Each of the panelists has a pretty funny and random way that they came to be successful, but along the way they’ve picked up some very useful pieces of advice.

Here’s what we all talked about:

  • Each of our ‘how did we get here’ stories
  • Our panelists’ tech setups
  • Monetising your podcast
  • Our creative processes (which are quite different)
  • How we find our guests
  • Why podcasting is all about constant learning
  • The secrets of good post production
  • Why audio has become so prolific



Stevie Says Social – Website
Stevie Says Social – Instagram
Stevie Says Social – Facebook
Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck – Facebook
Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck – Instagram

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