114. Why Writing a Book Can Change Your Business (and Life) with Ronsley Vaz and Laura Petersen

When Ronsley Vaz and Laura Petersen get together, great conversation is inevitable.

On the latest episode of Copy that Pops, that’s exactly what happened. The two connected to discuss everything from education to psychology. But the real crux of the conversation was how Ronsley’s recent decision to write a book has changed the way he looks at business and his personal life.

Entrepreneurs, get your pens out because this episode will make you rethink everything you know about writing.

The two also discuss:

  • The amusing story behind Ronsley’s decision to write a book
  • The benefits of vulnerability
  • Why podcasts are such a great way to further your brand
  • How to really be seen as a leader
  • The exploding field of audio
  • What it means to define your own version of success
  • How Ronsley developed culture as his own companies
  • Ronsley’s tactics for securing a deal with Amazon in Australia



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