112. Ronsley Vaz on Doing Good (and Doing it Well)

This episode of Should I Start a Podcast sees Ronsley heading over to the Do Well & Do Good podcast with Dorothy Illson, a show that promotes the idea of being both successful and philanthropic.

Throughout the episode, Ronsley recounts the story of how he went from being more than $400,000 in debt to running a successful company and several hot podcasts. The journey had plenty of enlightening (and terrifying) moments, and is a great listen for anybody interested in entrepreneurship.

Ronsley and Dorothy also cover:

  • How We Are Podcast has helped save an entire village
  • Why we have limiting beliefs about money
  • How business failure can be the best form of education
  • The best way to get out of debt
  • How to find product market fit for your idea
  • The best way to develop culture within a business
  • Why you can start giving back now
  • How to get yourself out of those fetal position moments of terror



Do Well & Do Good
Ronsley’s LinkedIn
Free to Shine

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