110. Kyree Oliver on Successful Marketing, Cutting Through the Crap and Winning at Social Media

When you meet a 24-year-old, you might not be interested in their advice on business and life. But what if that 24-year-old had already built a thriving business and established themselves as a thought leader in the marketing space?

Kyree Oliver has done exactly that as the owner of Influkz Interactive, a social marketing and consulting company based in the US. On the latest episode of Should I Start a Podcast, Kyree and I had an enlightening talk about his unconventional journey into marketing, why the industry is awash in fake social media “experts”, and why up-and-coming business owners probably shouldn’t even focus on marketing.

Despite his age, Kyree is incredibly insightful and an absolute pleasure to talk to. No matter who you are, he has a perspective that will make you think.

During the episode, we cover:

  • Why Kyree doesn’t read marketing books or go to conferences
  • Kyree’s hesitation to work with new business owners
  • How fake social media “experts” are good for his business
  • The best way to build trust in your brand
  • Why marketing should be the last thing you think about for your company
  • Why Kyree doesn’t personally think about numbers and metrics
  • What he learned from interviewing more than 800 people
  • Kyree’s tricks to working with small ad budgets



Influkz Interactive

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