102. Laura Petersen on How and Why Podcasters should Supercharge Their Writing

If you run your own podcast — or are thinking about starting one — then you need to learn how to write in a way that portrays you as the expert you are and convinces people to listen to your program.

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On this week’s episode of Should I Start a Podcast, writing coach and copy guru Laura Petersen gave us her top tips for writing effectively, selling your book and finding your personal freedom.

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Laura is an established writer, coach and educator with a hit podcast called “Copy That Pops” and several bestselling books, including Copywriting for Podcasters and Permission to Write a Brand Building Book for Podcasters. With plenty of enthusiasm, Laura has a lot to say about how writing can lead to success for any entrepreneur.

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You don’t want to miss this podcast, which also includes:

  • Why you are ready to write a book
  • How to get your book to bestseller status
  • The importance of unlearning everything you know about writing
  • How to find what’s important to you and turn it into a business
  • How writing a book leads to more business opportunities
  • What Laura has learned from visiting 41 countries
  • The value of picking the right podcast guest
  • The best ways to give your writing personality


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