100. Connecting to Your Audience through Storytelling with Andrew Griffiths

Get out a pen and paper, because you’ll want to capture ALL the pearls of wisdom on this week’s episode of Should I Start A Podcast.

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Here, I’m sharing with you the incomparable Andrew Griffiths’ keynote speech from We Are Podcast 2015.

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Andrew is a writing superstar with 12 bestsellers under his belt that have been printed in 60 countries.

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If there’s one thing that Andrew knows, it’s finding stories that resonate with audiences.

There’s so much information shared in this podcast, from how to find the stories that surround you on a day-to-day basis, to identifying which stories are the right ones for your audience. Andrew also shares his own experiences with being interviewed and the common reasons why most podcast interviews suck, plus how to set your podcast apart from the rest.

You have to tune in for these highlights, as well as the following topics:

  • How to stand out from your competitors with storytelling
  • Why stories that are raw are the best kind
  • How to dig deep and get your guests to share more
  • The reason that authentic stories resonate well with an audience
  • Why you need to leverage being a podcasting rockstar
  • To be a great podcaster, you need to be a superior researcher
  • The way to avoid asking beige questions that don’t engage
  • Why relevancy to your audience is the key to your podcasting success
  • The reason following up after an interview is important



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