53. From Massage Therapist to Podcaster to Speaker with Kristie Melling

Australian massage therapist and podcaster, Kristie Melling is an interesting woman.  She is an expert massage therapist who can name all the weird bones and muscles in your body but has the bonus ability to make it easy-going and entertaining at the same time.  She has had experience working with all types of client conditions, from chronic lower back complaints to shoulder issues.

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Additionally, Kristie Melling is your host of the Rubbed the Wrong Way podcast. She is just like you a working massage therapist who simply has a passion for talking to our peers.

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She has been in this biz for a little while now, and she still loves every second, but just like you, she knows that you are facing challenges and hurdles.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kristie Melling Rubbed the Wrong Way Podcast
  • Kristie’s podcasting journey
  • Responsibility of doing the show
  • Giving people an insight of what you are doing
  • How Kristie helped other massage therapist and leverage things
  • Making connections with other therapist and people through podcasting
  • Kristie’s transition to listening to people
  • Kristie Melling’s most awkward encounter/conversation as massage therapist
  • How your body gave you courage to do what you needed to do
  • Advantage of having a conversation with people via podcast
  • How podcasting help Kristie make money
  • Why Kristie loves podcasting
  • Everyone loves to be a little bit famous and recognized for what they do
  • Connection being a new commodity
  • Importance of pulling story out of people and getting perspective on the show
  • Her memories on We Are Podcast 2015

What would’ve made it easier/What would you have changed?

“For me, particularly because I am quite good with what I do.

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I have done it all my life and I know all these things. I’ve gotten kind of complacent in my awesomeness”

“And it was kind of good to suck at something and come through it”

How complicated is it to do a podcast?

“You can’t be good at it from the beginning”

What are the most important things to consider?

“It has to be something that grows as you grow and even to the point like how you can kind of change the format of your show and how you can change around the questions or changed up things with each person that comes on”

“You have to remember that each time you are doing it, you kind of growing a little bit further forward and a little bit further forward and all these kind of things”

Where to find Kristie Melling



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Rubbed the Right Way

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