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43. Should I join a networking podcast with Katie Wyatt

Katie Wyatt is a wellness entrepreneur, startup stylist and biz whisperer. Katie can bring the style to your startup, and structure to your creative storm. She loves to help people with their businesses. She also shares her path into entrepreneurship, networking podcast tips, and female leadership model.

Katie grew up in the corporate world where she learned the ninja arts of business development, relationship management, business strategy, project management and commercial success. But it had little soul and appeal for her. After getting cancer twice in 10 years she realised that the only person who could change her life and give her the meaning she yearned for was herself. So, she reinvented her career. And now she uses those skills for social good, spending her days nurturing dozens of startup social businesses who are getting ready to launch their idea onto the world.

Her philosophy on business is practical and holistic. There’s no replacement for getting the work done, but there’s a way to approach the work – mindfully, deliberately – that will ensure you work with clarity, focus, direction and, most of all, results.
As a coach, she work intensively with a small number of clients to tailor a coaching and holistic business plan that will get people creating healthy business.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The “Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast” and how long it’s been going
  • What made Katie create a podcast show
  • How she started podcasting before she started her business
  • How she discovered that podcasting is great for her business
  • The importance of consistency in business and podcasting
  • Katie’s definition of success when it comes to her podcast
  • How she is demonstrating her authority as a leader
  • The different things that helped her market herself and her business, such as creating free content blogs, growing her email lists and Facebook groups
  • The relationship that you can develop with somebody on a podcast
  • How podcasting brought Katie’s business to more high value leads and better quality clients
  • Katie’s obstacles that have prevented her from starting a podcast
  • Instant gratification
  • The importance of engagement when reaching out
  • The specific feature of podcasting that she loves the most
  • How she loves spending 30 minutes to an hour listening to podcast shows
  • How she has been part of two podcast networks, but has now decided to stand alone
  • Katie’s view on why podcasting is hot all of a sudden
  • The positive impact result of what podcasting can do for business
  • How podcasting has been used as a marathon strategy of growing a business and bringing in clients
  • Why it’s important to enjoy consuming a podcast and understanding the psyche that consumes those things to identify whether it’s a good medium for you
  • The importance in making decisions on what to do and not to do in terms of business
  • Katie’s perspective on why the process involved in creating a show is less complicated
  • Getting help through outsourcing work
  • The call to action with a marketing strategy
  • What can people expect from Katie at the “We Are Podcast conference 2016”
  • How to use a Facebook group to grow your podcasting audience and community

What are the most important things to consider in networking podcast?

When someone is considering a podcast as a medium, how do they know if it’s for them?

“I think that you have to enjoy consuming them. I love it and it makes sense to me when I’ve met people who want to start a podcast and have never listened to one before. I just think that if you don’t understand the psyche that consumes those things, how are you going to build something or create something for them? So, I do think that’s the first clue if someone’s wondering if it’s for them.

“You know, I started the podcast before I even started my business. I think I had an inkling that it would support my business. I was listening to Tim Reid’s “Small Business Big Marketing” and he was almost evangelical about how great podcasting had been for his business. I had discovered podcast and it’s my favorite way to consume content. So, I just had that light bulb moment of going “I think it’s for me”, and so I just did it. It’s working for me and I love it. The only way that you can prove to yourself that it’s not going to happen is by starting one.”

How complicated is it to do a podcast?

“I think it’s getting easier and easier. There’s a lot of free results on the internet. I have a paid program because it resonated with me. I actually don’t want to search through the whole internet to find the answers – I just want someone to tell me. And that’s the thing, it can be simple but the internet or Google search can be really overwhelming and we overthink it. Just make a decision. And that’s what I did. I made the decision early on to outsource the editing. So, I taught myself how to use Audacity and edit in Audacity. I outsource and had a couple of different people working  with me, and I finally found the process that works really well for me and the person that I’m working with.”

What are the common mistakes that podcasters often make?

“It’s things that I’ve also done myself, but when launching your podcast you have to have a strategy: telling people that you’re launching, thinking about how you release those first episodes in those early weeks and making sure you tell your family and your friends. All of that. I did none of that. It’s a really good thing to know. The other mistakes are little things like naming the title of your podcast episodes by the name of the guests that are on there. Thinking about things like that and making sure you’re continuing every podcast episode like it’s a new launch. You’ve got to get it out there and get people listening and recirculating your catalogue. I think the other thing is the call to action, especially if you’re an entrepreneur using this as part of your marketing strategy. Make sure that you’re asking for something from people in the podcast.”

What are the most important things to consider?

  • Nothing if not consistent. That’s kind of my keyword in business and podcasting: consistency.
  • I care about numbers and the growth of my download, but I don’t think that is the real key to the success of the podcast. It obviously depends on why you started.
  • The relationship that you can develop with somebody on the podcast. It’s all about the slow dance in the relationship that you’re building. That’s why consistency is so important because you’ve got to give that relationship time to develop.
  • Do the stuff that you love and get help with the stuff that you don’t know about
  • Don’t be shy. It can be quite scary to do it, but you really have to do it.
  • Think about things and make sure that you’re continuing every podcast episode like it’s a new launch. You’ve got to get it out there and get people listening and recirculating your catalogue.

Which podcast should I follow, why and how often?

“I’m loving “The slow home” podcast. It’s really cool and they’re interesting because they have started their own little network and they have got about four or five podcasts. I have just actually started listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast, which I know is so old school because everyone’s been listening to it. And The Social Authority podcast with Amy Schmittauer. I love the way she produces her shows. There’s a bit more production value in her episodes than just an interview format.”

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