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30. How to get 10,000 marketing podcasts listeners in your first 90 days with Mel Telecican

Having owned and operated her own restaurant business in inner-city Brisbane, Mel learned early on that having great products and services is not enough to keep customers and grow a business. She is a successful Customer Centric Coach. She shares her success in marketing podcasts, building her blog, practical tips on driving clients and customers to your blog.

In a competitive market it’s key to be “top-of-mind” with existing customers. Mel’s success came from creating and refining processes to drive more custom from the people already walking through the doors. She did just that and it gave her business fantastic exposure that led to winning local and state awards and TV and book coverage which resulted in her doubling her profits and the database growing to 10,000 in just under two years!

Mel specialises in helping businesses keep and attract customers and increase their bottom line.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Marketing podcasts tips.
  • How podcasting helped increase traffic to Mel’s web page and to her new business, and how she attracted ten thousands listeners?
  • The customer-centric podcast show that is developing relationships and maintaining sustainable business relationships with clients
  • Web strategy through content marketing
  • Best social media practices
  • Being able to orient small business owners on how they can become better leaders
  • Mel’s background as a promising school educator and how she loves facilitating learning
  • Her passionate restaurant project that started eight years ago
  • Her past issues on trying different advertising and marketing techniques
  • How Mel got into podcasting?
  • Her victories so far from taking a leap into podcasting
  • The feedback and reviews that she’s received from doing a podcast
  • The power of marketing podcasts
  • The fascinating people who she admires and has the opportunity to speak with on her show
  • The amazing web traffic results on her new site
  • Mel’s approach when pursuing something that she really wants to happen
  • The changes that have come about as a result of starting a podcast show, especially being able to access hard to reach people
  • Mel’s fulltime job and running two businesses at the same time; these are the things that keep her excited and motivated
  • Her plan to finish her book and keep on talking to people that excite and motivate business owners

What would’ve made it easier/What would you have changed?

“So, what’s changed for me? I’m always extremely nervous before doing an interview, especially if it’s a big guest. I still hate my voice. I still think I sound like a man. But you know, everyone has their own uncomfortable moments when you start something like this and you put yourself out there. But what changed is that I have taken more of the approach of “I really want this. I’m going to make it happen” as opposed to “I really want this but I’m too scared to make it happen.”

“Now I’m being able to access people who are, I guess, a little bit harder to contact through the guests that I’ve already had, which is exciting. I’m extremely motivated to get the other products of other businesses because even though I’m working full time in a job and I’m building these two businesses, it definitely keeps me excited and motivated to stay on what I believe is the course of my intended path.”

What are the most important things to consider in marketing podcasts?

“To keep on talking to people that excite and motivate business owners; those who provide that information and are willing to give their tips and tricks away.”

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