How any niche can create a meaningful following

How any niche can create a meaningful following

A podcast that puts you to sleep. WHAT?!

The more I find out, the more my belief in the podcast medium increases. And, if you think that you have a business that can’t create a podcast, I really beg you to rethink your beliefs.

For example, with every single podcaster on the planet looking at how they can create the most engaging podcast on the planet, Mr. Ackerman decided he would do just the opposite.

Ackerman’s podcast is so boring that it is nearly impossible to finish an episode without nodding off to dreamland—by design. It is called Sleep with Me. And, each episode is over an hour long and it is designed to put you to sleep.

His podcast has over 250 reviews on iTunes with an average rating of 5 stars and a fan following that loves the fact that they can listed to something that will put them to sleep. Because, if you think about it, How much is a good night’s sleep actually worth?

To learn more about the creation of the podcast and an interview with the host, Fast Company has written an amazing article about Sleep with Me. Click <<<HERE>>> to read it.

If you’ve been thinking that a podcast isn’t for you and your business, I beg you, please think again! 

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