24. How to get the big influencers on your show and love the podcast journey for Darrin Bentley

24. How to get the big influencers on your show and love the podcast journey for Darrin Bentley

Darrin is a musician who loves to shake out yet again than regularly. He has dealt with Wall Street at a Fortune 500 Company for just about 26 years and went to an intersection in his life where he expected to pick between a higher paying employment (otherwise known as offering his spirit) or focusing so as to discover his actual enormity on what he is truly enthusiastic about.

So you get it, he was not enthusiastic about the solid wilderness of Wall Street. He was energetic about reaching so as to rouse and affecting the World out and helping other individuals discover their enormity!

He is the Creator and Host of BigWigNation Podcast and meetings some of today’s greatest influencers that are fruitful in every aspect of life. Darrin is an astonishing Husband and Father of 3, who is taking after his “path and bliss” as Joseph Campbell states.

He is a Business Coach and Strategist who covers in this meeting some better than average tips about podcasting. In the event that you are occupied with podcasting, you ought to listen up in light of the fact that Darrin is quick drawing closer 100,000 and he was as of late named one of the main 100 Business Coaches to take after on Twitter by Evan Carmichael!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Darrin’s journey of Podcasting
  • The relationship and the people he established through the show
  • How he measures success
  • The importance or impact of the voices through Podcasting
  • The deal about Podcasting
  • His point of view about the differences podcasting can make in the future
  • Podcasting Movement
  • The biggest takeaway from podcast movement
  • The importance of engaging with an audience and building a community
  • How can you create or give, or deliver some kind of value to that person
  • The importance of creating good contents
  • How he handles the show considering the type of guests in the show?
  • The idea behind BigWig
  • The capability of doing amazing things as a person
  • The tactics on money collections
  • The importance of visualization aspect
  • What is like to have a Business Podcast?
  • With the podcast, you have the opportunity to connect with awesome people to build great relationship
  • Some great lessons:

“Do something differently in order to stand out. You might have to resort or whatever you can”

“With great power comes with great responsibility.”

“Time is more valuable than money”

What would’ve made it easier/What would you have changed?

“When I started, I was not really thinking. I was coming from that space. I was not really thinking about the value. I was not thinking about the person’s time, I was not thinking that this person is human being too. I was just thinking about like almost what you can do for me. So I would say like that would have been a big thing that would have probably been more helpful in the beginning to know. You learn that.

And that’s why like we were kind of, I want to say the bidding but you talk about the idea is the person why is this way or is it or something that could be changed. So Maybe I just like kind of contradicted to myself by saying that because it took me awhile to realize that. So that would probably be a big one for me right from the beginning. I am always thinking about value and delivering value to people or my perspective audience. Being a little bit more aware of this person that they are giving me their time and what can I do for them and how can I help them in some way.

What are the first mistakes that podcasters often make?

Making a bunch of money through podcast didn’t work that way. You obviously want to get paid in all the things for what it is that you do but when you start a podcast and you’re thinking like this is going, so be it and I’m going to do this for a bunch of money and I’m going to make a lot of money making by doing this. It never worked that way.

The truth is, there are just a lot of people again that they see this as easy opportunity and they could just create something and they think that they can make money with it. That’s not how it works. With great power comes with great responsibility. Because time is our most valuable commodity. It’s more valuable than money.

If somebody is sitting there, giving me their time, I want to respect that and I want to give them a great experience then hopefully have them walk away a changed person.

What are the most important things to consider?

  • When we are creating a podcast, it’s all about the Audience. So it is truly about the content. It’s about creating good contents. The content that is not centered around us. You have to truly think about the person who is listening and how can you serve them, how can you create or give, or deliver some kind of value to that person. And that is the important thing.
  • Creating content that is valuable with people
  • The importance of engaging with an audience and building a community
  • Engaging with the audience is probably the most important thing that you could do as a podcaster
  • It comes down to really like structuring your interviews and knowing what it is that your audience wants
  • It’s very important to show them that you value them, respect them, that you’re not just looking at what they can do for you or your podcaster or your name or whatever.
  • Just trying to do something be a little bit different. Maybe a little bit funny and it worked. So it’s those kind of things that I think, you know you really need to think about. Just different ways that you could approach it. Be fun. But don’t always be thinking about yourself. That’s so important.

Which podcast should I follow, why and how often?

“I listen to John Shaw occasionally. Sometimes I listen to Dan Miller show. Kate Erickson, she does some really good stuff too. I listen to her show too sometimes.”

What were the last Books on audio you listened to?

“The miracle morning is a great book. I’m not even sure of this other book if it’s in the audio form or not. It’s called the four spiritual loss of prosperity. This is written by Edwene Gaines and this was recommended to me by a friend of mine.”

Where to find Darrin?


Website: http://bigwignation.com/podcast/darrinbentley/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darrin_bentley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darrin.bentley

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrinbentley

Google +: https://plus.google.com/+DarrinBentleyBWN/posts

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