9. The love for authenticity and the power of podcasting with Chris and Laci of the Cerrone Show

9. The love for authenticity and the power of podcasting with Chris and Laci of the Cerrone Show

The Cerrone Show is a top ranked business podcast specifically for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make a change in their life. The Chris Cerrone Show is an audio podcast hosted by Chris Cerrone and Laci Urcioli. Wanting to bring some new names to the podcasting world they have interviewed some fantastic entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and awesome people.

Guests that are the movers and shakers in their industry like Chris Brogan, Cynthia Sanchez, Amy Schmittauer, Greg Hickman, Sue B Zimmerman, Rosie Tran, Bryan Lanning, and Renae Christine just to name a few all talking about internet marketing, small business, comedy, sports, fitness, mobile, coaching, seo, blogging, social media and even Youtube! Through a very conversational style interview with a focus about entrepreneurship they not only learn about each guest personally but also some great tips, tricks, and how to steps that people can use immediately in their own journey.

Thinking about leaving your job to start your own business, online or off? Want to hear a fact or two about how someone chose the path they did? Want to just be entertained with a great story? This podcast is for you!


In this episode we talk about:

  • The idea of the Cerrone Show and what it has evolved to now
  • Paying attention to the audio and the quality
  • How Chris and Laci managed their co-hosting relationship
  • Laci’s first experience listening to her own voice
  • How you get a show to be the highest trending episode
  • What Laci hates about Podcasts
  • What makes a podcast interesting
  • The importance of a Podcast
  • The personal friends they’ve managed to get as a result of the podcast
  • When does it get to a point when you need to pivot and change your podcast
  • What needs to be managed from a business point of view
  • What client work looks like and what needs to be done
  • What its like when have co-host
  • Advantages of having a co-host
  • Labor of Love
  • The impact you can have as a podcaster
  • The reason Podcasting is so hot all of the sudden
  • Disadvantages of Podcasting
  • How to know if podcasting is the right medium for you
  • There is nothing wrong in trying
  • How an insurance broker can start a podcast
  • Why it is more important to think about your audience


Listen and Watch the full speech used in the intro – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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