The “Blogger to Podcaster = Better Business” Webinar Recording

This is a recording of the Blogger to Podcaster = Better Business Webinar. In this webinar we cover: The basics of what is a podcast and the different types of shows The 10 reasons why every blogger should create their own podcast The answers to some important questions Check out the recording below.

How to get your guests to promote your podcast

How to get your guests to promote your podcast

My friend Jessica Rhodes who runs Interview Connections and is in such service to the podcasting community that I recommend every podcaster follow her. Just like I do. You can listen to our conversation about podcasting by going here – 20. Podcast statistics, passions, and the podcast producers with Jessica Rhodes. We have an in-depth discussion on the state of podcasting …

The FREE audio library you've always wanted

The FREE audio library you’ve always wanted

I do get asked this question a lot. online pharmacy rybelsus online with best prices today in the USA Where can I get some FREE audio sample that I can use in my podcasts. Well, look no further than YouTube’s audio library. Here are some of my notes: It will tell you if you can use an audio file for …

The ulitimate podcast guide

The Ultimate Podcasting Guide

This post is exactly what it says on the tin – The Ultimate Podcasting Guide. I would have loved to do this on the Sunday after the ProBlogger 2015 event at the Gold Coast, but a bad virus got the better of me and knocked me out for 6 days. I got hit so bad that my wife has never …