350. The concept of Money DNA feat. Daniel Mangena

350. The concept of Money DNA feat. Daniel Mangena

Learn how to deepen self-understanding for financial success

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone!

Money DNA is about understanding your unique relationship with money and wealth based on the concept of love languages. By recognising and respecting your financial language, you can foster healthier attitudes towards wealth and communicate effectively with yourself about value, wealth and success.

Daniel Mangena, CEO of Dream With Dan & Dream Inc., is a best-selling author, radio host, international speaker, master money manifesto, and the creator of the Beyond Intention Paradigm. His insights on personal development, drawn from extensive experience guiding people through midlife crises, shed light on the importance of aligning our lives with our true desires rather than societal expectations. Daniel shares his expertise on the fascinating concept of money DNA and the importance of understanding our unique love language.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn the concept of money DNA and its connection to our internal communication.
  • What it takes and how to run two different podcasts.
  • The power of intentionality in podcasting and the impact it has on success.
  • Learn how self-communication is a compass for financial decision-making.
  • Understanding and reshaping our attitudes and beliefs about wealth.
  • The importance of collaborative conversations in enacting change.
  • Harnessing the power of focused intention in groups to create positive shifts in reality.
  • Learn the seeds of change and the transformative power of self-awareness.


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