331. Applying Quantum Physics to Business feat. Dr Leon Eisen

331. Applying Quantum Physics to Business feat. Dr Leon Eisen

Quantum Backward Thinking and Business Application

Quantum physics is a complicated idea that is usually studied in academia. But did you know that some businesses use these ideas to improve their work? By learning about the basic principles of quantum physics, leaders can apply quantum concepts to ensure business success.

In this episode, I had the honour of talking with Dr Leon Eisen, an affiliated member of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), a member of the Forbes Business Counsel, and an official mentor at the Israeli Export Institute. Dr Eisen holds a PhD in physics from the Weisman Institute of Science and is a Senator at the World Business Angel Investment Forum. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in leadership and technology. He is the creator of the Quantum Backward Thinking Methodology for businesses to create reality from the future.

Key takeaways:

  • Use quantum backward thinking methodology to identify the steps needed to achieve business goals
  • The basics of quantum physics and its relevance to business
  • Trust is a crucial factor in building relationships with clients and co-workers for business growth
  • How quantum physics can help in developing practical leadership skills
  • The role of artificial intelligence in improving decision-making
  • The benefits of mentorship in business and how quantum physics principles can be applied to it
  • Consider creating personalized voice-based content to stand out in a world where AI is becoming more prevalent

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