318. The key to high performance feat. Matt Gallant & Mark Effinger

318. The Key to High Performance feat. Matt Gallant & Mark Effinger

Learn how to optimise your brain’s health to become a high performer

When our brains are not at their best — when we are not at the peak of our mental performance — we feel sluggish, tired, and unproductive.

What if you could finally resolve the problem of being unproductive and falling short on promises with your business? What if you could get more results with less effort while enjoying a healthier brain?

In this episode of We Are Podcast, we are talking with Matt Gallant and Mark Effinger, the founders of Nootopia. Nootopia is a revolutionary formula that unlocks your brain’s full focus, concentration, and creativity. Hear the impact of how they support entrepreneurs to be successful through their life-changing Nootopia formulas.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn how Matt Gallant and Mark “Mr Noots” Effinger, who are the founders of Nootopia, support brain health and improve cognitive function for their clients
  • Hear the backstory of their partnership in the business
  • Discover how Mr Noots transitioned from his software company to the creation of nootropics
  • Learn how the nervous system and brain chemistry are highly distinctive
  • Hear us talk about launching Nootopia through a podcast
  • Take a deeper look at the Nootopia products, what they do, and who they are for
  • Discover why nootropics are unique
  • Learn the true essence of persuasion—a key to a successful business
  • Rethink your podcast by getting to the top of your mental game
  • We talk in-depth about how podcasting is the best development tool for your business
  • Check out the nine amazing Nootopia products that we cover. Visit nootopia.com/ronsley and use the promo code “RONSLEY10” for 10% off your purchase.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of  We Are Podcast.

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