313. Defining success as a podcaster feat. Dan Cumberland

313. Defining success as a podcaster feat. Dan Cumberland

Learn How to Define Your Own Success

When someone asks us what success is, we have different answers. We have some version of success that’s inherently in our minds. And the fact is, we’re still trying to figure it out every day.

In this episode, we speak with Dan Cumberland, who shares the framework of success that has helped many business owners realise and define success within themselves. He also talks about a very cool way to repurpose your podcast into video for more attention.

In this episode:

  • Learn how Dan Cumberland helped business owners connect with what success looks like for them
  • Understand how success is defined through our influences
  • Learn a framework for success
  • Take a deeper look at finding fulfilment within the podcast you create
  • We answer a question about his repurposing tool videosnap.io
  • Hear us talk about repurposing an audio podcast into amazing video clips
  • Rethink your podcast by finding the rhythm that works for you
  • Understand how to grow credibility within your industry
  • Hear us talk about his journey in podcasting
  • Learn how a podcast can be a revenue stream
  • We talk in-depth about funnel mapping and the challenges of having a successful business

All this and more on this week’s episode of  Should I Start A Podcast.

Make sure you listen to the end … I’ll break down this episode to give you three small steps you can execute right now to help you take this listening experience into an execution experience. Also, if you know a business owner who needs to hear an episode about why a podcast is the best business development tool, please share it with them.

Pretty Please. Enjoy the show.

After you listen to this episode, I would love you to take these three small steps that will help you define success for yourself within your business:

  1. Your one-year letter
  2. Ideal week
  3. What reps have you included in your ideal week that will get you closer to your definitions of success?

What you pick as your strategies to grow will depend on where you are at in your business. Pick the right strategy for where you are, not where you want to be.

These are three small steps that, if you execute, irrespective of where you are at in your business and podcasting journey, will make a massive impact on your making your podcast more profitable & more impactful.

If this is the first episode you’ve listened to all the way to the end, or if you are a regular, thank you. I love that you are here. Check out our back catalogue on  ShouldIStartAPodcast.com, subscribe to the show and give me a review and rating. It helps us get found more.

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Next week, we will cover Turning Adversity Into Triumph Using a Podcast feat. Erika Cramer. We cover lots, including the importance of perspective and why what other people think about you is none of your business. So, don’t forget to subscribe to the show to get that episode as soon it gets released. Until then, much love.

Links & resources mentioned in the episode:

👉🏽 BIO:

Dan Cumberland is on a mission to help you set yourself on fire. Years ago, he found himself in a job that didn’t fit and had no easy way out, so he set out to learn everything there was to know about meaning, purpose, and work. After a Master’s degree and a lot of experimentation, for the past ten years, he’s been doing everything he can to help you find where meaning, life, and work intersect and to inspire you to push into those places. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Career Builder, blah blah blah. More importantly, he wants to help you find and do your best work in any way that he can.

He hosts the Meaning Movement Podcast and creates content to help you level up your life at themeaningmovement.com. He recently also founded a software for repurposing long-form audio and video into social-ready shorts: videosnap.io

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