314. Turning adversity into triumph feat. Erika Cramer

314. Turning adversity into triumph feat. Erika Cramer

Learn to Eradicate Self-doubt

Sometimes, we are preceded by self-doubt about something that can’t be done. But if you want to make a difference in this world, help people, and succeed, you must act like it. We have the privilege of sitting in self-doubt.

In this episode of We Are Podcast, we are talking with Erika Cramer, an advocate for women to be confident in themselves. Hear her story about how moving to another country for her is a land of opportunity in business and entrepreneurship.

In this episode:

  • Learn how Erika transformed herself as a mother, an entrepreneur, and a confidence coach and helps women to find privilege within themselves
  • Understandwomen’ss empowerment and confidence
  • Learn to see what’s possible versus sitting in self-doubt
  • Take a deeper look into what privilege looks like
  • Rethink your dreams that have been put aside by doing them now
  • Understand the opportunities in the digital world
  • Hear us talk about her journey before and after podcasting
  • Learn how the foundation of the business with a podcast succeeds
  • Think about doing your podcast. Why are you doing it? And why does it matter?
  • Hear us discuss the importance of consistency in podcast
  • Hear us talk in-depth about freedom from pressure and time

All this and more on this week’s episode of We Are Podcast.

Make sure you listen to the end. I’ll break down this episode to give you three small steps you can execute right now to help you take this listening experience into execution experience. Also, if you know a business owner who needs to hear an episode about why a podcast is the best business development tool, please share it with them.

Pretty Please. Enjoy the show.

After you listen to this episode, I would love you to take these three small steps that will help you <deal with adversity and turn that into nice wins>:

  1. This isn’t easy to do. I still struggle with this. And I need my people.
  2. Borrow courage and plan your regular reps. Don’t look too far ahead and judge yourself. Take small steps to look at the next thing.

What you pick as your strategies to grow will depend on where you are at in your business. Pick the right strategy for where you are, not where you want to be.

These are three small steps that, if you execute, irrespective of where you are at in your business and podcasting journey, will make a massive impact on your making your podcast more profitable & more impactful.

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