Using a podcast to run a micro multimillion dollar business

304. Using a podcast to run a micro multimillion dollar business feat. Tina Tower

Learn how to power a micro-multimillion dollar business with your podcast

Ever want to know the decisions that went into creating a multimillion dollar business from scratch with your podcast as the main pillar? This is for you. This episode has some insane tips and tricks and ideas on how you can use your podcast to grow your business. Tina has the most insane results over the last couple of years and she lives a life full of travel and fun too.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn how to start a business from the experience you already have
  • Understand how not to become someone else but just build on your experience
  • Learn to visualise your business and your podcast as a ecosystem
  • Take a deeper look at how 62% of buyers first listen to your podcast
  • We answer a question about the reps every business owner needs to regularly complete
  • Rethink your audience content strategy by looking at Instagram Live Stories
  • Understand making your podcast the centre pillar of your business ecosystem
  • Hear us talk about how to scale your podcast content – making it work for you rather than the other around
  • Learn how the foundations of making mp3 files small and not too large mistake #70.
  • Think differently about relationships and why it is important
  • We talk in-depth about Tina’s insane accomplishments, how she’s using her podcast to run a micro multimillion dollar business.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of  Should I Start A Podcast.

Make sure you listen to the end … I’ll break down this episode to give you 3 small steps you can execute right now to help you take this listening experience into execution experience. Also, if you know a business owner that needs to hear an episode about why a podcast is the best business development tool, please share an episode with them.

Pretty Please. Enjoy the show.

After you listen to this episode I would love you to take these 3 small steps that will help you make your podcast a micro multimillion dollar business:

  1. Embrace your unique … learn to just express and be a student of the learning process
  2. Focus on a transformation – bring a group of similars together
  3. Make an offer – Let people know how you can help them and where they can buy that

What you pick as your strategies to grow will depend on where you are at in your business. Pick the right strategy for where you are at and not where you want to be.

These are 3 small steps that if you execute, irrespective of where you are at in your business and podcasting journey will make a huge impact on your making your podcast more profitable & more impactful.

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So if you want to start a podcast, or expand your current audience, this is the show for you.

Here is the transcript of the entire episode for those who like to read …


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Ronsley Vaz, Anna Vocino, Tina Tower

Ronsley Vaz  00:08

indicator one, this is launch control. Please advise when pre flight checklist is complete with indicator one flight is complete. All indicators read Green.

Anna Vocino  00:20

This is should I start a podcast, a show for business owners looking for tips, tricks and ingenious hacks when it comes to growing a business using their podcast. This is your host Ronsley. He’s interviewed more than 1400 people and has been listened to over 5 million times in 133 countries, a TED speaker, author and a podcast purist who believes that we can use our voices to grow our business and our influence, you know, because every conversion in any business always happens in a conversation. And now Ronsley.

Ronsley Vaz  01:02

Let’s talk about business. Right, let’s get an update what’s been going on in Tina’s world. You’ve been traveling everywhere. You’re killing it in the new business. And let’s get an update on what’s happening in Tinos world.

Tina Tower  01:16

Yeah. So today is the four year anniversary since we left to travel around the world for a year, which I cannot believe. And it’s interesting you ask that question today, because I’ve been really retrospective about that in going that was one of the most significant changes that we’d ever made in our lives, we kind of throw away everything that we’d known, like literally left our life we throw out with like sold our house cards, our furniture, like everything, and we grabbed our bags, and we left and we didn’t know who we were going to be when we grow up. What we were going to do next, like what was going to come of this and everything felt so like what’s going to happen. And now like four years later, to then have come back started a brand new life in a brand new place our kids turning into teenagers, which are like whole new people, and then have these business that we have everything with business development. I think while we’re in it feels like it’s taking so long. But then you look back and you go Holy guacamole, like what a ride. It’s amazing. So officially the business that I run now her Empire Builder, which is my main membership, we just had two years in June. So it’s amazing to me, the growth of that. But then I also know that the growth of that has come because of the previous 14 years of business that happened before that. So I know sometimes people will look at me and go, Wow, like you got real successful real quick. But there was a very, very solid foundation under that first. And finally you mentioned travel, like we started travel again this year. And I’ll be honest, Ronsley I know you’ve just got back from a big trip too. I got carried away. Too excited. So this year, we were allowed to leave the island at Christmas time. So I left the island, we went to Fiji for a couple of weeks, we came back, I left in March, I left for five and a half weeks, went to LA Palm Springs, Miami, Costa Rica, Mexico, like I was one excited woman to be let out again, and then came back for a month and then went to America again for a month. And now we’re about to go again for five weeks. And then I’ve just booked in Kenya later this year, like I’ve gotten carried away and I need to pull the handbrake

Ronsley Vaz  03:38

when you say pulled back on the reins, why is that? Do you feel like you’re out of your routine? And that’s annoying. You are like What’s annoying?

Tina Tower  03:46

You? It’s such a good question. And it’s like my daily grapple that like the situation that I’m in now the whole thing this year has been going, how big do we go? Like how much is enough? And I know that every time I say yes to something, I’m unconsciously saying no to something else. So I want to be aware of what that trade off is. Because I think it’s really unrealistic to think that there’s, you know, it’s not all upside when we say yes, there’s also the down. And last year, my son Cohen had a had quite a major accident. And that’s really what made us this year go well, you know what, let’s not set the world on fire. Like Let’s just enjoy life, enjoy what we’ve built, done that. But I have a tendency to get overexcited. I don’t know if you notice that. And I have so many great opportunities and so many different things that I can do and that I want to do. And so like I move really fast, I do those things. But then of course, the business grows, which is awesome. But then we need to grow the infrastructure and the team and everything like that. So the hardest part of this year has been growing the team to be able to support the growth because customer service is obviously the most important thing. And our customers getting a result. And that doesn’t happen without all of the cogs turning in the background, but then team can’t be successful unless I’m available to train them and give them that time and do all of that. So I would love to just be flitting around the world, I love not having routine, I love just bouncing around doing the marketing, like, there’s so much of my business that I do love. But there’s so much admin and back end elements that I do not love that I have time to do, but they need me. And we’re adding two more team members at the moment, which means more training, and I kind of look at that and go, should I just put the handbrake on and not grow the business so that I can just have six months to just travel and not have to train and not have to have the responsibility of looking after other people? And all of that sort of thing? But the answer is no. I’m always going to grow. And so I just have to kind of balance that in a way that is fair to everybody.

Ronsley Vaz  05:53

You’ve been doing this for a while. And your expertise is like documented really, really well. And you’ve got a podcast, and you do it for your business. Let’s talk about that. Because I think that you’re one of the big proponents of having a podcast for business. And I want to get your thoughts on. How does it set you up? And why did you start doing it in the first place?

Tina Tower  06:18

Yeah, so I have had my podcast now for on and off for four years, just over. But I took a break when I traveled and we’ve changed it a few times as well. So my first podcast started out as the female advantage. And then when I traveled, I had this whole Eat Pray Love thing going on and with off the mechanic capitalist thinking and knowing when to travel and work from my laptop. So we had an intentional life for a second it was laptop life. And then when I came back and found my thing, then we changed to her Empire Builder. And that’s the way I think it’s gonna be for the next 10 years now, because try lots of different things in business. And you you get that alignment, and you’re like, oh, it just like, switches in and like this is me for the next chapter kind of thing. I love it. I have 150 members in her Empire Builder at the moment, our goal is to grow to 1000 over the next few years. And I tell everybody to have a podcast, everybody. So my stats at the moment said on with our last launch 62% of people that joined our membership found me through my podcast.

Ronsley Vaz  07:27

That’s absolutely crazy. I’m first of all, super surprised that you have a stat down to 62%. Like, what do you even measure to kind of get to that stat?

Tina Tower  07:36

Yeah, so I mean, that’s always like I can I can say it, and I can use it. And I can stand by it. But it’s still ambiguous. So we asked the question, where did you first see Tina? And then we asked the question, Do you regularly Instagram Stories? Do you listen to the podcasts on a weekly basis? Have you heard Tina on another podcast, like all of that sort of thing? So we know that where people first found me, generally majority the podcast? Because if you ask a question in any sort of survey, that’s where did you find that person, they’ll usually put like, the most recent thing. So we try and ask that. But then I’m sure people put the podcast where maybe it was social media, or maybe it was on someone else’s podcasts. And then they came in listen to my podcast. So it’s never going to be exact. But that’s what people are telling me. Which means that people are valuing the podcast, which is important.

Ronsley Vaz  08:28

It’s huge, because here’s the thing about a podcast is people realize that they trust voice, because it is just part of our DNA parents synced to their kids, before they even born we’ve been, you know, sharing these kind of voice stories forever. So there’s a huge element of trust that’s built into someone hearing our voice, as opposed to someone reading an email that we’ve sent maybe even a few times, you know, put this thing out there. And I feel like for new business owners or business owners getting into the game, and even if you’ve been in the game for a while, there are these wraps that every business owner needs to go through or needs to do in general, and a lot of us are avoiding it, or a lot of us don’t even know that we’re going to do it. What in your opinion, I mean, you’re a strategist, what in your opinion, are the reps that just need to get done on a weekly, say monthly basis,

Tina Tower  09:22

which depends on how ambitious you are, and what result you want, really. So there’s different things that I think are vital. And it depends on your audience, too. And where that is. So the first thing is to figure out like, where is your audience and then go there. So people would tell me all the time, like, I want to double my revenue, or I wanted on my email list, or whatever it is. It’s like, well, what are you doing to go get it? Like you’ve actually got to go get it and work out your strategy. So I’m not someone that goes there’s a one size fits all for everybody. My job, I see it showing everything that’s available and then people can pick and choose what they’re comfortable with. Because for me one of the most highly converting things that I do daily isn’t Instagram story, I find it really easy take 60 seconds, I don’t put much thought into it, but allows me to connect with my audience every day. And then they can write back and we can have those conversations. So for me, that’s a winner chicken dinner, sort of a strategy. So easy, so cheap, so great. But for some people that would cause so much anxiety, that it’s just not worth it. So it’s figuring out what is your natural tendency? And what are you going to be comfortable with and what is consistent. So I think the same with a podcast, but I see generally, so many people get excited start a podcast, get to like six to 10 episodes in and then it disappears. But they’re like what, I got to show up every week, like I was telling someone the other day, because I think doing what we’re doing right now, like going live on social media is one of the best ways to build your audience. And I did it every week publicly. And now I do it every week privately for my members. And I was telling someone the other day, I have gone live inside my Facebook group for my members for over 400 weeks in a row without missing one. And people were going like, you know, when you’re talking before about delivery, I love delivery. Like I actually really liked that part. But it takes consistency. And it takes time. And you know, it’s not going to happen overnight. But if you do those things consistently, business is so beautiful, but so cruel in the way of at the beginning. You are so overworked and underpaid, and you’re battling these mentalities and going, is it going to work out? Is it all worth it? Like, am I going to cut through is this even going to pay off like all of that sort of, and then you hit that tipping point. And it just if you’ve done all of the things consistently up until that it just goes, and you just fly and all these opportunities open and then you end up like super underworked and overpaid. And you’re like, Where was all these opportunities when I was struggling so bad. And now you’re saying no to everything. I mean, someone last week, and I don’t say this to toot my horn, I say this to illustrate the point is someone asked me for coaching. So when I was doing private coaching, I got to 25,000 for a 12 week period was the right. And then in the end, I was like, I actually don’t have enough energy to do this. And I want to put all my energy into my group program. And so I said no, and I haven’t, because I’ve been saying No, I haven’t been asked for a couple months. And then someone last week asked me again. And it was so like, I felt so torn in going. I mean, $25,000 was like what I earned for the first five years of my business annually. Like in the whole business, I’m going where was that, that I’m just as awesome

Ronsley Vaz  12:37

is the momentum from the reps, someone doesn’t just wake up and run a marathon, that doesn’t happen. It’s the reps that they’ve put in to even cross the finish line. That’s why it’s such a big deal to run that kind of mileage. But also, I think that’s the thing in business today is like, we all want to get there quicker. We all want the six minute abs, and we all kind of going well, how do we make sure that we do the six minutes that gets us the result? Let’s talk about the results you’ve gotten. And when you think about the results you’ve achieved, obviously Best Seller list amazingly, like holy shit, congratulations. Like, I feel that when you get it, it doesn’t seem as great. But I want to tell you, as someone who doesn’t have it, that it is fucking amazing that you do when you think about the podcast and the results, it’s got a new word comes to mind that maybe not even mentioned,

Tina Tower  13:35

with the podcast, obviously, we do it to connect with customers to add massive value to the world. I believe in the blur of reciprocity. So I think when I put good stuff out there, good stuffs gonna come back. But one thing that I love that I never anticipated from podcasting is how many doors it has opened for connections with people that I just really want to talk to, like if I didn’t have a podcast, and you didn’t have a podcast. I don’t know if we would ever meet. I don’t know if we would be friends in this universe. But from doing that, then I was able to get you to come and talk at my conference, then you were able to serve customers and you got some business out of it. I got business out of it and like rising tide raises all ships. There are so many cool people that I am now friends with that started by me inviting them onto my podcast because the thing is, you can’t call someone who’s super successful that you’re like a fangirl of going oh my god, I doesn’t want to ask this person all the questions and call them and go can I just have an hour of your time and just ask all the questions like that’s a big no. However, you can have them on your podcast and then promote the shit out of them like, and this is the thing I think a lot of people miss is I see people do the podcast, but not like promote the crap out of the person coming on. Like if you make them feel so good. And really put them everywhere and make it that win win. They’re gonna then go wow, that was a really great experience like how can I help them back to that reciprocity And yeah, I’ve gone on retreats with different people. I’ve had partnerships with different people, people were in my book I’ve been in there, but like all different things that have all stemmed out of our relationship starting of either me being on their podcast, or them being on my podcast, like it’s just a door opener.


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Ronsley Vaz  15:58

I want to get into the mistake and interesting tool and tactic that is going to make your content life easier. And then we’re going to ask Tina, about the tips and tricks she has for podcasters, which you don’t want to miss. But before that, let’s talk about publishing large mp3 files. And I’m gonna say this because as business owners, when you get into podcasting, you don’t really know what the size of the mp3 should be. And sometimes we produce an mp3 file that has stereo, and it’s in like two years and a podcast usually probably just needs to be a mono file. So if you’re creating a file that’s too large, it takes a long time for someone to download it, especially if they’re not in a first world. And you want to know and you should know that a lot of audiences are in other parts of the world that are not in the United States and Australia, Canada, UK, so on. And internet speeds are a real thing in some parts. So thinking about your audience and making it easy. So even if you do have a good internet speed, making sure that your file is easy to access is a thing, because you’ve seen this happen on a website, you kind of go into a website sometimes and it takes ages for the images to load. That’s the same thing happening if you’re putting out an mp3 file that’s too large. Okay. By the way, this is mistake number 70. There’s a whole bunch of mistakes that business owners make when they make a podcast. And if you go to mistakes, that we are, you can download that whole list. And a lot of the times you can just read the mistake and not make it again, because you just didn’t know that you were making it. So go get that. And I’m going to give you this really, really cool tool that I came across, which is marketing And I’m going to find out what the Tina knows about this. But marketing gives you a whole bunch of really, really cool case studies that you can use, you can copy you can mimic you can personalize for you and your business. And sometimes we think or I wonder what content we should be creating. I wonder what podcast content should I be creating? I wonder what guests should I interview on my show? And on what? Well? Here is your answer. Just go here spend anywhere between five and 10 minutes. And you’ll get enough ideas on what content to create for your business. But also some really, really cool things like the step by step guide to creating a landing page that converts everyone needs that enough about me back to Tina. Tina, did you hear about that? Marketing? Before?

Tina Tower  18:38

No, I have a pen in my hand because

Ronsley Vaz  18:42

I found that super fascinating because marketing examples icon really helps get things that actually work. So it’s like case studies that actually work as opposed to a friend saying, Hey, dude, have you tried the Facebook ad with the image like that? And you’re like, Have you done that before? Do you know any results that you’ve gotten from it? Yeah. What are your thoughts on what I just shared?

Tina Tower  19:01

Well, I mean, I think for so many people, it’s the inspiration of stuff to like looking at that and going if you’re stuck for ideas, and you don’t know what to write for different things like it can just even scrolling through that without even opening anything. I’m like, Oh, I could do an episode on that. I could do an idea on that. And sometimes it’s just those sparks of inspiration that we need. So yeah, it’s all helpful.

Ronsley Vaz  19:23

So cool. So cool. You’ve been doing podcasting for a while you’ve been doing businessing for way too long. I feel like young in this whole situation. But let’s ask you this, what kind of tips and tricks you have for podcasters that are probably new, or even experienced ones like myself that maybe have no idea on certain things that you might be doing well, that I might not doing. So what tips and ideas do you have a podcast is that I in business?

Tina Tower  19:50

Yeah. So I would say at the beginning, go simple because really, it’s just getting into the groove of things. I cannot tell you how quickly a week comes around. All right. So I have my whole year all planned out. I use as a project management statements like clickup, Asana, all the same thing, but I map out and have on our board, everything already scheduled. So I’ll sit down and go through things. I asked on Instagram really simply like, what do you want to learn from me? And people will tell you, your audience will tell you what they’re looking for. I also have a bank so that if anybody like sends me a DM on Instagram with a message, or if they’re in my program, and they asked me a question, and I’m like, this would be a really good episode, I add it to that idea bank. So when it comes time to record, I’m not thinking, what am I going to do this week. So that’s my first one is make content easier, keep it really, really organized. So I have like, what its release date is whether it’s clean or explicit, all of the notes, it’s Canva tile for the cover, like everything is on that on the board. And although I do change, I try and batch and that’s probably Tip number three is batch because it is much easier than just going once a week is to get kind of in that zone. So batching it out. But I usually try and go only three to four weeks in advance. Because what I find is even though I’ve got the plan, something will come up that inevitably changes. So I’ll get someone who’s super awesome, want to be interviewed. And I like yes, that I don’t want to be too far in advance and not be able to respond to the moment as well. So it’s a combination of being organized and flexible. Because I’ve been in the stage where like I got COVID last month and I was woman down normally, I can like psych myself out of anything. I’ve ran for days of training with acute tonsillitis like I can, psychologists would say this is really bad. But I can push through anything. I could not push through COVID. I was like, out. And so I was so thankful that I had some podcast episodes up my sleeve. So I always like for unforeseen circumstances to have a little bit in advance it made me really stressed out to not and do that. And then probably what else would make it oh, I have a call to action, not in every episode. But always try and get people on your email list because I look at the amount of downloads that people have. And sometimes they’re way higher than their actual email list. So it’s how do you get them across to be able to do that. And then my final one would be do it in a way that works for you that you can maintain. So an example of that is I love how Ronsley is doing this right now. And everything in me wants to do it to like maximize the exposure of content in going live in being able to chop up the video like it is the bee’s knees of how it should be done. However, when I podcast if I’m solo, I don’t like getting like dressed, I like to do it in my snuggie or sitting on the couch. And a lot of people would say short film that like you’re in your natural state like film that anyway, but I seem to be a little bit different when there’s a camera on me than when I’m just audio I’m always a lot more comfortable when I’m just audio. So even though I know it’s not as good for content repurposing. When I’m on solo episodes, I go just audio. And that is my point is go what works for you at the stage that you’re at.

Ronsley Vaz  23:08

Amazing. Let’s talk about the journey you’ve been on. You just mentioned, retreats, you just mentioned your clients coming together. And I’ve been part of that amazing group. It’s great. And it’s so good. Let’s start with what is the most challenging part of you bringing those people together? And then how has that helped you with content with marketing? And with case studies? And how do you use that in the business?

Tina Tower  23:38

Yeah, good question. Live events. They are, I think probably the hardest thing that I do in the business, they are hard because it’s not like running a wedding, there’s so much lead up to it and preparation, and then it’s over. So quick. And also, it costs a freakin fortune, like, oh my gosh, the budgets of the retreats that I run, because I value nothing more than connection and experience. And I want people when they go away to go, that was the greatest event I have ever been to like it blew my mind and the hard part about every time someone has that experience, the bar gets raised again and again. So the expectation from people coming to my events is that it’s going to be mind blowing. So I’m like always try to outdo myself, which means the budget just keeps going up and up. And so that is probably the hardest part is because I don’t make money out of events from the events themselves. And so people may go, well, what’s the point in doing them? And they are, I think one of the most valuable things that we do. So firstly, I love them. I’m an introvert despite my energy that like I can perform and I love it but then like I can’t do it very much. So the majority of my time is spent alone behind my computer and that is just how I love it or walking the streets of some strange Towne all by myself just wandering in and out, like just getting lost in the world. So I usually go in bursts. And to me, retreats and events are perfect for that. Because it’s kind of like you can connect really well with people when you’re in real life. And I can do that a couple of times a year, and then kind of stay in my own little world, which I really, really enjoy. So there’s that pot, but also, we run online business. So we’ve got the online community, which is so good. We’ve got, I think, eight or nine different countries that people are from that that are in our membership so far. And to me, it just so cool that you can have people from all over the globe connecting together. And there’s so many things that happen on there. But there’s something magical about when someone sits next to somebody at the table, and they’re like, hey, and you can sparkly bits talk to each other and different things happen. There is always so much business that comes out of it for everybody that comes in because of those rich connections. So that I love and I love providing that opportunity to have those conversations. Because for a lot of entrepreneurial people like us, were the odd ones in our normal life. Like if I go to my kids sporting games and talk to a lot of the other moms like you see people’s heads go, what you want to do. Like, I sometimes forget how strange I am, because I don’t spend that much time with like, so called normal Bob. So when people come together at events, and it’s why like having high end retreats somewhere, like getting a lot of my business friends together as frequently as possible, is it gets you expands your thinking it makes you go, Oh, here I was thinking like maybe I need to, like I said it’s up, put the handbrake on or play play a little bit smaller, like maybe I’m getting carried away, I go and talk with my business friends. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, what was I thinking like, take off those reins, let’s go like this is with but one last, let’s go get it. Like it’s through powerful in terms of, of that energy that comes from it. So I love that. And then from a content point of view, there’s nothing like live events to get content, both for our business and the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, we had Palm Springs in March, I’m still using those images and videos and everything now. So from an expense point of view, if I look at like the bottom line of what the retreat costs, we don’t make money on that. But I mean, what’s the cost of all of that ongoing marketing and exposure. So if you put that into it, it’s definitely worth it. So we have the exposure side, but then also everyone that comes to our events, or shares it with their network as well. So it does help very much to be able to grow.

Ronsley Vaz  27:32

Finally, before we wrap this up, where can people find you? And what are you excited for coming up

Tina Tower  27:39

here, I should be so easy to find. Tina, or just search Tina tower and aliens social media and say hello to me. And I mean, I’m excited for life Ronsley In a couple of weeks, I leave for another five week trip and I go on a lover’s holiday with my husband to Fiji for a week. And then we fly straight from there to Hawaii. And I got a house in Hawaii for a month, which is like the easiest house I’ve ever seen. And the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done in my life in booking the house for a month. And I have friends coming for a week. And then I run launch from the house. And then I have clients coming for a retreat. And then I have my family coming for awake. And it’s just like, you know, when they say when you’re younger, like dream that your ideal life. To me, it’s like an idea, that moment, a moment of going, oh my gosh, like the most outrageous thing that I could imagine. I went and did that thing.

Ronsley Vaz  28:34

It’s like the ideal month, I’ve got goosebumps listening to that, you’ve got to know that that is amazing. I’m so happy that you’re living the life that you love. And what I love about this whole thing is the decisions that you’ve made to get you to this point and the bravery and the courage that you’ve shown through that whole journey. So thank you for being my friend. So, ladies and gentlemen, find the edited version of this on Should I start a or wherever you get your podcasts, find Tina get her Empire Builder. She’s got some really, really cool ideas and tactics on online products on launches that you really should check out. It’s just amazing. All right. So you still till the end, you found this useful and you have a business and Paul, you have a podcast and a business. And you kind of want to make it work for you and grow your business using this podcast will you know what, that’s something that I have helped 1000s of people do and 1000s of businesses do in different forms, through an agency in a one on one fashion through a conference in a group and obviously courses and stuff. So please, I want to be able to give you something that you can use to get recording results in your business using a podcast. We call it the recurring results roadmap. It is years of putting this in practice. It is The Blueprint to get results in recurring results using our podcast if you’d like that, send me a message [email protected] I want to hear from you. I want to hear your voice, or I want to hear from you. So if you’ve listened to this and you want that roadmap, please send me an email [email protected] I want to hear from you. Much love. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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