Grow your podcast audience using Pinterest

297. Grow your podcast audience using Pinterest

Do you want to grow your audience on your podcast from Pinterest? This episode is for you because we cover how think about it, how to use its’ principles to get to know your audience better and make useful content for them. Which really is the key to your whole content strategy really. So, I guarantee you will get something out of this episode even if you aren’t thinking of using Pinterest in your marketing. 

In this episode you will:

  • Learn how to Pinterest – why you should care because of its search power
  • Understand how good content makes the audience love your work
  • Learn to use your podcast episodes and make boards on Pinterest 
  • Take a deeper look at interests and how to better learn your audience
  • We answer a question about how podcasters can use Pinterest with your quotes & content
  • Rethink your reels by adding idea pins to Pinterest
  • Understand the search bar in Pinterest as a podcaster business owner
  • Hear us talk about trends and how to copy that for your business and podcast
  • Learn how the foundations of curating content is key to doing well … its all about aggregation 
  • Think differently about related searches and how to use it to your advantage 
  • We talk in-depth about getting more attention and listeners for your podcast through Pinterest 

All this and more, on this week’s episode of  Should I Start A Podcast. 

Psst … make sure you listen to the end … I’ll break down this episode to give you 3 small steps you can execute right now to help you take this listening experience into execution experience. Enjoy the show. 

After you listen to this episode I would love you to do 3 small steps that will help you use Pinterest better for your podcast to get more listeners & clients & credibility

  • Set 20 minutes on the clock and write down what topics your audience would like aggregated or topics grouped together. For example, for me, someone who helps business owners who have a podcast to grow their listeners, clients & credibility  … my people would like 5 engagement tricks that will make your audience buy from you, how to use your podcast episode content on facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, youtube, tiktok.
  • Today’s episode is all about this #1 thing. If you do #1, you’ll know what to do next with the topics you have. Create a live show, blog posts, podcasts, and so on. So, just focus on doing #1 first. 
  • Refer to #1.  

What you pick as your strategies to grow will depend on where you are at in your business. Pick the strategy that is right for where you are at and not for where you want to be. 

These are 3 small steps that if you execute, irrespective of where you are at in your business and podcasting journey will make a huge impact on your making your podcast more profitable & more impactful. 

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Here is the transcript of the entire episode for those who like to read …


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Holly Shannon, Ronsley Vaz, Bettina, Anna Vocino, Catharina Joubert

Ronsley Vaz  01:03

Today, we’re gonna talk about Pinterest for podcasters because we believe that there is a genuine need to look into the audiences on Pinterest as a podcaster. So we’re gonna talk about that we are definitely show that mean, when we look around, we see images and visuals being a really good way to get attention to a podcast. So obviously Pinterest is one of those places where that happens. So you know what, I’m gonna hand it over to Anna because I want to know from Anna, what drove her to make Pinterest such a huge platform for her social media.

Anna Vocino  01:35

Hi, thank you. My name is Anna Pacino. I am a podcaster and also a recipe writer and cookbook author and voice actor and comic. So the ways that I use Pinterest, I think there’s a number of ways to use Pinterest for podcasters. And I was kind of avoiding Pinterest for a long time until I started to learn more about the platform itself and how much it can drive traffic to one’s website. Now, I started off producing the fitness confidential podcast. And it is for Vinnie tortorich did live on his site. But because of the work we do together, he’s the fitness side of the things that I’m the recipe and food side of things. There are a lot of people coming to me for recipes. Well, there’s a lot of people in the Keto and low carb space, who are looking for recipes, who have no idea about the podcast, but who are looking for podcast content, looking for recipes looking for things. Pinterest is very much a lifestyle platform. And if you have a lifestyle business, or any other specific kind of business, maybe you’re coaching, maybe you’re motivational, maybe you’re a business coach, and people are looking for content on Pinterest constantly, it’s a huge search engine. And one of the issues with Pinterest I have found is that number one, I joke for years that it’s a time toilet. And it is because you can really go down as a user, you can go down the rabbit hole of Pinterest. But another issue with Pinterest is that a lot of it has become very bloated. So if you’re actually providing really good content with clickable links that work and that drive traffic to a place that’s a real place, and not just someplace that doesn’t even have the content that is advertised. I don’t know if you guys have used Pinterest, it’s mostly women, although there are a lot more men on it these days. But let’s say you find something that you like, like a motivational quote, and you like the way that it looks. And it’s beautifully laid out. And you’re like, I’m gonna put that on my board of motivational quotes. And you select that board, and you click through the link, because you want to see more like it right. And you go to this website, and it takes you directly to an ad for like something that’s completely unrelated. There’s a lot of that on Pinterest. So they’ve been trying to clean up Pinterest lately. And if you are providing good content on Pinterest, that leads back to actual active links that are relational to what you’re posting, the algorithm is gonna like that. It is very bloated, like I said, but there’s a lot of room for podcasters. And I kind of started talking about this with Ronsley A few weeks ago, and he was like put a pin in that literally, we’re gonna talk about that in a few weeks. So that’s kind of where I’m coming to it. As far as like Ronsley. How should we structure do you want to just talk about like a workflow with Pinterest? Or what should we do?

Ronsley Vaz  03:54

Yeah, that’s a great question. I’ve been taking notes while you were talking. So the context is really interesting, because when you started talking, you started talking very specifically about audience and what they were looking for. And then you kind of relate it back to like, who should kind of be on Pinterest. So let’s start with audience. Let’s start with that specifically for business owners, because you mentioned already some really good things in here like search engine, you mentioned that the content I do know that if I am looking for new things to draw, it’s really fascinating. I go on Pinterest for inspiration. So when I think about images, right, I do know that Pinterest works. We’ve actually done a few Pinterest campaigns for our clients. When I say we I had no idea what was going on. I knew that it was being done. I just was not the expert in the social media space, but it was being done to promote work for our clients and our podcast. So it’s really fascinating that this whole conversation came up. So let’s talk about audience. Who is it for and what should they be looking to do on Pinterest? Well,

Anna Vocino  04:48

Pinterest is an old started as a mood board type of place like it always was intended to be a mood board place where you have your boards and you have different topics that you’d like let’s say you’re planning A wedding, you would go to Pinterest, and it would be the place where there’d be an aggregate photo of every kind of wedding bridal shot of dress of every kind of flower lighting venue location.

Ronsley Vaz  05:12

Sorry, yeah, no, I have to say that I have a wedding board right now all these memories are flashing back. Yes.

Anna Vocino  05:17

And a lot of men have secret boards because you can make secret boards. A lot of men don’t want to admit that they’re using Pinterest. But the fact of the matter is people are aggregating. I have designed and remodeled houses using Pinterest. In the sense that I will say, You know what I’m thinking I’m thinking I want a gold toned matte lacquered, gooseneck faucet, and I will search those terms, right. And I will find all of the ones that kinda look like what I want, or I’ll find my dream faucet and see that it cost $2,700. And I’ll pin it to whatever property I’m remodeling, I’ll pin it there, and then go on a search to find the less expensive version of that faucet. You can also use it like when you’re communicating with other people on your team. And you want to build a mood board for whatever thing you’re doing interior design, food, wedding, vacation, travel, it’s very lifestyle. It’s very aspirational. However, in the past few years, there have been a ton of business people using it. Inspirational Quotes, if you take any sort of photographs, and you just have beautiful photographs on your Instagram, you should definitely be taking those photographs and creating pins out of them. When you start to create pins. Of course, the optimal size of a pin is completely different than the optimal size for Instagram, which is completely different than the optimal size for Facebook or Twitter. So you can convert that stuff over. But I’m just saying this to get you guys to start think of thinking about what you can do. When you create assets. For people who go onto your podcasts, you should be making the same thing into pins if you have like a quote and a picture of your guest. And the topic that it is you should be making pins out of that making several pins out of that, again, very easy using Canva. I say number one, get the business account, convert your account on Pinterest to a business account, you might need to make your personal board secret boards and start over if you go look at my Pinterest account, which I believe is Chino, if you look at my boards, I have a ton of boards created which I paid my friend Danielle to do a few years ago, and she created a ton of boards that were relevant to what I’m trying to accomplish, right. And maybe you what you’re trying to accomplish doesn’t have that many boards, but in my sector it is we have low carb recipes, starters, soups, casseroles, Instant Pot, desserts, holiday, Thanksgiving, whatever the boards that are relevant to what you’re doing, you want to create those boards and you want to kind of build them out. It is a community platform. So you want to pin other people’s stuff to your boards. You want to start inviting people to look at your boards wherever you can talk about if you’re on Pinterest to say to your audience. Hey, if you guys are on Pinterest, make sure you check out the boards. If you’re using email to contact your audience say, Hey, if you guys are on Pinterest, here’s some pins that I’m doing. Please follow my boards. Because here’s what I found a couple of things. Number one, people are very divided about Pinterest, you either love it or you hate it full stop. Number two, there are a ton of people who are on Pinterest who are not really that much on other social media platforms and they are looking for content. So it’s like one of those things and I know that feeling that you have because I have that same feeling whatever it was somebody’s like, you know what you should do? You should do YouTube shorts. You don’t you didn’t know you need to do tick tock does that. And the other thing, I’m like, oh my god, don’t add another thing. But Pinterest is such a huge search engine. I don’t have the facts. I’m not like a Pinterest expert. I’m just telling you my experience with it. It is a destination place where people who are aspirational and wanting to find content are looking for stuff.

Ronsley Vaz  08:27

I love all this I love where you’re going I’ve opened up out of a Chino and I love the way this is all structured because this tells us that Anna’s getting 92.2 1000 monthly views on her Pinterest. That’s crazy. So what I’d love to see if anyone on the panel has questions for Anna maybe around what she’s already spoken before she goes next. So the team any questions about what she just said?

Catharina Joubert  08:50

Hi, everyone. I know that’s fascinating. And I actually have a quick question just because you’ve been mentioning food related topics. Have you seen podcasters? Use this in any way? And if you could share?

Anna Vocino  09:03

Yes, absolutely. I think as a podcaster the trend that was happening on Instagram that may not get you as much engagement as it would on Pinterest the inspirational quotes that your guests said that are relevant to the topic matter. The written word is surprisingly popular, especially right now on Pinterest. There’s a lot of people who are doing time management productivity on Pinterest, you can put checklists on Pinterest, you can make these beautiful in Canva. And a lot of podcasters are using it to drive traffic to their websites. And I wasn’t giving Pinterest its due until about a couple of years ago, not even a couple years ago I think was about 18 months ago that I really started hitting it hard. And as you can see, I still I think only have like 2200 followers, but I usually average well. It’s it’s been low because I’ve made it a transition in my staff and it seems to be picking back up again. The 92,000 It usually is around 100 to 200,000 monthly views on things and what I found was I went into my Google Analytics I said you know what? I’m gonna go all in on Pinterest for like six months and then I’m gonna check in and see what happens. And sure enough 54% last month of the new traffic that comes to my website via socials comes from Pinterest. And it’s funny because I focus a lot of time on Instagram and a lot of time on clubhouse. That’s not where the new traffic is coming from although clubhouse I can’t quite quantify that, but Instagram I can’t so to me, I was like, Wow, that’s pretty crazy like that. That’s it’s that high. I knew Facebook was good, but Pinterest was taking the cake. So I started going down the rabbit hole of all of it. And yes, I am in food in a visual medium. But I am a consumer of the what podcasters are doing on it. You’d be surprised how much people are using it. Now Pinterest has also started to copy. Tik Tok like everybody else is like with Instagram and reels. Pinterest now has idea pins, and they are directly copying what Tik Tok is doing. And because they’re copying it with IDEA pins, they’re giving favor to that feature. So if you create a bunch of IDEA pins, like for example, you have a new guest on and you want to put like a one minute clip on there. And you have the audio portion and Pinterest ever had audio before they had barely any video. And now they have video and audio. So you can use these very creatively and they will bump stuff up. And you can put hashtags in but it’s not as much hashtag related as other stuff is. It’s more about the content of your pin, which they will scrub and see what’s on the site. So if you’re using written word on your pins, which you should, Pinterest is not just for pictures. And in fact, don’t put plain pictures up. You need to put words on your photos, did the algorithms scrubs the photos for the words? It wants to know what your content is? And that’s what it does? It does? You know, whatever it does with its magic OCR, I don’t know. So does that help? Kind of get the idea of it?

Catharina Joubert  11:42

Yes, that helps a lot and hope definitely be checking it out to see exactly what you mean. So thank you for sharing,

Anna Vocino  11:48

I was gonna say to if you go and put your cursor in the search bar, it gives you a big drop down menu. And for me right now it gives my recent searches. And then shopping spotlight. It has four things and for me, it says anti aging essentials, create your dream coffee setup, mixing metals and celebrating a Latin heritage month. So if you have anything having to do with that, you should be making a board. And this is ideas for you, which a lot of mine is my personal House Remodeling, barn renovation. That’s the project I just did. And then there’s popular on Pinterest, and one of the popular on Pinterest subjects is homecoming captions. What the hell is that? I’m clicking on that, because that’s literally all. Okay, so if you had a parenting podcast, if you had anything where you’re dealing with teenagers, anything where you’re dealing with the parents of teenagers, I would immediately be making something having to do with homecoming and homecoming captions to drive traffic to your podcast. So you can look and see what’s trending on Pinterest and make pins that are relevant to that and explore around and kind of see what people are doing. And if you look on Pinterest, a lot of people are taking screenshots of Instagram and just using those directly on Pinterest. But the other thing I see here is anything that trends as far as holiday we’re coming into holiday stuff to or especially with people doing business podcasts, New Year’s stuff, resolutions, time management, anything like that is hugely popular podcast anyway. You can speak emotionally to people through the pins, it works. People are there for inspiration. So just want to throw that out there.

Ronsley Vaz  13:20

So that’s really fascinating. You think people are there for inspirations did they’re in a similar setup that they’re on sort of Instagram and you kind of like the content will be the same in the sense that that’s the same sort of attention that you’re trying to get if I’m reading all this, right?

Anna Vocino  13:35

Yes. And in fact, I just searched the word podcast in the Pinterest search bar. And the third thing that came up was a top US for women. And I clicked on that. And the thing that comes up and this is a great idea is people are making pins. I’ll just give you an example of what I see in this result, ultimate guide Christian podcasts for women and it’s like a stock footage, but it has like great words written on it. So it looks really clear that somebody would click on that. And then the caption is 15 Best Christian podcasts for women and 2020. You can make aggregate type of pins like that. But when you’re searching for things like podcasts, or people are searching for different things of information, those aggregate kins do really really well. So if you could aggregate together the top whatever, podcasts, put your podcast in there at number one, and give similar pie top seven podcasts on whatever your topic is, and make pins like that that helps people discover your information. You can put quotes from the podcast 16 podcasts to change your life in 2021. The top 10 best motivational podcasts for women on Spotify, the 730 days of social media content, seven highly addictive podcasts to listen to right now and they’re all beautiful things that people would want to click on how I built my six figure blog from scratch five empowering self help podcasts for women now that this is just like scanning the first five lines of pins that I’m finding from podcasts for women. So put your topic in and see what’s out there and see what you can do to play in that sphere. And a lot of it is just Canva layouts, I always come back to Canva. That’s how most of mine are made. And I outsource that, by the way for workflow and those will tell you guys so I outsource that I pay my assistant to make the pins I use an app called tailwind, which I love. It allows you to schedule pins. I tell her I said okay, like last week, for example, I wrote a new recipe, I said, make this into seven different pins. And you’re gonna pin it up on seven different boards throughout the week. And that entail when gives you like a grid. So it’s really easy to do that. And it happens to get a lot more engagement that way Pinterest wants people on the platform. So the more things that you’re pinning, the more engagement you’re getting. It’s not like you’re going to do one pin and then all of a sudden, like it goes viral. And by the way, as you’re scrolling through these pins when I search for podcasts for women, after you scroll a few times on the right, it tells you related searches, top podcasts for women best podcasts for self improvement podcasts for women in their 20s podcasts to listen to motivational podcasts are what these are all Pinterest aggregating these searches for you. So for the user to go okay, there’s another topic I’m interested in. And trust me it as a time toilet, people go down this thing.


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Ronsley Vaz  16:56

Any other questions? I’m sure other people have questions.

Bettina  16:58

Thanks for sharing that was very interesting. I actually have to admit, when I was running the first time a few weeks ago, you inspired me so much that I went on Pinterest and started to create there. And I was thinking about okay, what’s going well, then you mentioned recipes. So I thought, why not coming up with a storytelling recipe. So I came up with a storytelling recipe like 500 words, only two adjectives, and, and so on, and then I created in Canva, put it on there. And then I thought, well, I have to explain what it means. Because just putting them together and mixing them letting them Zima. And then coming up with a good story. It’s not really enough. So I made a podcast out of that. And I tried to combine the visual force or power of Pinterest with the podcast where you go and put people in the same mood, like on Pinterest. So thank you, first of all for inspiring me. And secondly, I tried to combine these two platforms in their with their best what they can best do so more words, of course with the podcast, then converting it into blog. But having the straightforward recipe on Pinterest, I’m only 70 You have 70 followers yet, so I’m trying to get myself out there. But I just want to put it out there. How do I combine these two platforms? Thank you.

Anna Vocino  18:03

That’s amazing. I love it. I think there’s a lot of room to be getting more creative now. Especially that they’re doing the idea pins, which by the way, if you go to my profile, you’ll see I only have a few idea pins and why I’m not doing them all the time is stupid, because I should be doing them all the time. It makes you pop up more into the top see one the Italian dressing one has 44,000 views from one idea pan which I wasn’t even going to post that because it was to me a very stupid recipe that’s like that’s not even a recipe. You just throw together oil and vinegar and herbs. And so I went ahead and made it and photographed it and it got such engagement. I was like yeah, it’s time to start doing these idea pins even more. And the way that you can do it like what patina is talking about putting video and audio on those idea pins. It’s just a great idea to use it. But I’m telling you this search engine is deep. There’s a lot of stuff in there. I know that and I know that they’re actively trying to clean it up. Because it has become so bloated idea pins. You can only add I believe hold let me see if you can add it from the desktop. No, no, you can’t. So idea pins you have to add from the mobile app. So again, they’re really trying to compete with Instagram and Tiktok by adding these things, and for now, until Pinterest implodes like we you know how people are like Facebook, Facebook is dead. Facebook’s not going anywhere you guys. Same thing about Pinterest. It’s not going anywhere. Same thing with Instagram, it’s not going anywhere. So use the things that they are prioritizing, like Instagram wants you to use reels because they want to compete with tick tock. So make some reels and put them out there. You’ll be shocked at how much more engagement you get, especially if you make a few rules. And you just post them a couple times a day for a few days in a row. All of a sudden things start really stirring. So same thing with Pinterest. Any other stuff you guys are thinking of.

Catharina Joubert  19:44

I just have a question on Do you have any idea of like the age bracket or what kind of people are using Pinterest at the moment or is there no way to know that?

Anna Vocino  19:53

I’m clicking on my audience insights to see if they’re going to tell me if their audience insights actually pretty good. So if you go to audience insights and Then you click on All Pinterest users, it’ll tell you categories and interest. Okay, percentage of audience. They have all sorts of categories here. And then, for example, quotes 25% of the audience is doing quotes, right? So if I tap on that, it says quotes by genres, life quotes, birthday quotes, inspirational quotes. So it kind of gives you an idea of like, where people are using it. A total Pinterest users only gives you distribution of the audience per topic. I don’t know how to find out the general it’s known that Pinterest is mostly female users. And it looks like also to it’s mostly iPhone, which is crazy to me because I want to see pictures on my laptop where they’re bigger. But you can kind of go through the all Pinterest users. If I look at my anime chinos eat Happy Kitchen audience from the last 30 days. It’s funny because it shows the category and interests one of the top category and interests of people who are in my audience. What they’re looking for is finance, vehicles, architecture, health, food and drinks. Okay, now that’s making sense for me. Design sports, travel, electronics, event planning, men’s fashion. So I have men looking at my stuff, animals, DIY and crafts like I do I have, I have a pretty split 5050 male female audience. And I think that’s because of Vinnie being on Adam Carolla. But you can look and see kind of what your audience is doing. But obviously, that’s going to take some time after you’ve been posting for a while for that those numbers to aggregate. But yes, it does tell you, although I don’t know off the top of my head, what the general Pinterest audiences other than knowing that it skews mostly

Ronsley Vaz  21:32

female, or have men looking at my stuff. That’s probably the tweetable. For this one.

Anna Vocino  21:35

I have been looking at my stuff. And it sounds exciting, and it’s not so cool.

Catharina Joubert  21:40

So the reason I asked that, and well, thanks for giving the breakdown. I don’t know much about Pinterest, but from my experience, and from what I’ve used it for, which is just personal, like mood boards and so on, is like it’s used by foodies, graphic designers, those kinds of professions. Mostly, it’s only recently that you put it in my head that it might be useful for podcasters. And an interesting story is I actually had a client or like, just kind of a consultation. And they asked me about Pinterest. And I was like, oh, okay, well, I didn’t actually know this was a thing for podcasting. So it’s really, really interesting. But I was thinking that kind of like on Instagram and Tiktok, you mostly have your, like photographers, filmmakers. So I’m just kind of like trying to understand how do you balance it all out if you have any opinions or ideas on that. And

Anna Vocino  22:29

it’s mostly for podcasters. For example, the food and the recipes is a visual medium. So that makes sense to be on Pinterest. If I was not in that, let’s say I’m doing a podcast about personal finance, or a podcast about coaching, or whatever you’re doing. That’s not a visual medium, I would be making pins of checklists, inspirational quotes, reminders, quotes, tweetable, quote, like something you would put in a tweet, put it on a pin with a picture behind it, something that gets people to click through. So you have to remember that people who are on Pinterest are very aspirational. And they are looking for ways to improve their business, their lifestyle, their health, their relationships. So that covers mostly what we’re all podcasting about is not going to cover everything. And I get that. But there’s a lot of room to think about, wait a minute, how can I convert this into something that could be an idea pin and kind of capture those people? Now, if you find that, like you’re like, I just doesn’t work at all, then this might be just totally irrelevant. I get it. But for anybody who does resonate with, I just want to share my experience because it’s kind of upped the game for me. Well, I’ve

Ronsley Vaz  23:33

been just checking some stats. And for whatever reason, I get 950 monthly viewers to VAZ, so I’m not sure what they’re looking at. But I’m trying to look at the analytics right now. And 69% of my audience is searching for home decor, which makes me think that hey, could I create a pin that says top 10 places to enjoy a podcast in your house? I don’t know. You can

Anna Vocino  23:59

do whatever you want. And you can experiment, you can see what gets traction. We experimented about six months ago with there is a thing in Canva that takes your static picture and turns it into like a slideshow like it takes one element. It’s where it like is a wash like it reveals. So it’s a static picture and it reveals itself and then for and it’s five seconds. For whatever reason that dumb little eye trick gets 100 times more engagement than just a static picture on Pinterest. So think about if you have some now they’re letting you do audio and longer video and those idea pins think about somebody scrolling over your pin and hearing that oh, that’s an interesting like juicy little clip that you’ve put from your podcast on there with the words and having an animated in the sense that Canvas just making it like Holly Why can I not describe this correctly?

Holly Shannon  24:52

It kind of creates a video out of something static. I just did one as a real on Instagram because it’s regram prioritizes video over audio. So I created three pictures, if you will. And the only part that changed and moved was the bottom like I put top 2% podcast launching new season and each one would bleed in those words and move those particular words. So it creates a video, the way it is perceived on the apps is as a video because there’s something moving, the words are moving in some way, shape or form. They’re popping, they’re fading, they’re bleeding, they’re doing something like that. Is that what you were trying to say? Anna?

Anna Vocino  25:34

Yes, popping, fading bleeding Exactly. Like it’s the wipes in iMovie.

Bettina  25:39

They are called animations. And you can go half the length from 0.5 to 15 seconds. And then you can choose your animation. So always take the one that’s called breathe. I thought that’s good. And then the elements you put in there are actually moving. And as Holly said, you can choose which which elements you want to select move. So it’s very helpful. Yeah, to create a video,

Holly Shannon  25:59

I might add that I did not see, when I posted it as a real, I did not see the same numbers in how many people looked at it, versus doing an actual video. So it is possible that I think I’m tricking Instagram, but they’re saying Ha ha ha, no, you’re not because I have to say, I got so much more when I did an actual video. And within like two hours, it was going crazy. I literally took a video of the National Building Museum where I took a yoga class. And that got so many more views and the three Canva pictures that I put some animation and so we might be thinking where you are but Instagrams probably chuckling at us. I don’t know. I would

Ronsley Vaz  26:46

agree the technology right now is quite advanced that you can detect everything like OCR, obviously is in Pinterest is now native. So yeah, I’d say that’s the case in a lot of instances. So even to that effect, you can add in a quick intro, which is maybe if something you do all the time. Marketers ruin everything.

Anna Vocino  27:04

Quick Intro where there’s movement at the beginning, because the algorithm on Instagram is so smart. It picks up that there’s camera movement at the beginning of the first five seconds of what you’re making. And here’s a mistake I made recently with Instagram. I shot something on the fly where I was poaching eggs and onions have chili peppers and butter, shot it on the fly, edited it down real quick into a tick tock and then I thought that reels had opened up to 60 seconds, but it didn’t. So I split it into two parts. May 2/32 reels, put it up on a Sunday morning very chill, very relaxed, and then chose two different songs for the two parts that were because it’s literally copying tick tock right. Then I had a steak or suave thing that I had shot proper lighting. And I had my friend who’s an editor, cut it together. But I said put some cool fun, Jazzy French music on it like something really fun. If you can find an upbeat ESP off, that would be great. And she put something on it. And then I didn’t even think about it. And I went posted that and got about and this is the more cool looking one. Right. But because I did not choose the music based on what Instagram was telling me was popular. Instead, I she already pre put music on there. The algorithm was so good even though I had the rights to use it. It was like a royalty free music. It didn’t do as well. And in fact, Instagram sent me a message saying we’re putting this on the whatever the equivalent of French yacht rock is, I don’t know, we’re putting this on that page. And like it was a weird declassification thing. And I was like, Oh, that’s interesting, I should have put it up completely blank and chosen their popular music. So that’s another trick you can do, by the way, is choose the music and tick tock and Instagram based on what’s popular on the platform, because that will up the catching of the algorithm.

Holly Shannon  28:43

It’s also not just trending music, but it’s all the trending. Like if you add their little stickers and stuff like that to some of your videos, that helps as well. So anything that they’re creating, as an add on for you to modify it in some way to add little sparklies to it, whatever, and music and all that it’s whatever pops up that’s trending. Choose something from there. Don’t get too creative. At least that’s been my experience. You know what, Anna, I do want to remark on something about Pinterest. Because I think as podcasters we’re all like, I’m thinking okay, well business podcasts, I can put motivational quotes I can put what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and another quote, a guest who comes on I can do something about that. And we think that because of our subject matter, we can’t post on there. But like all apps and I could be wrong and so please correct me. It still comes down to being yourself being your authentic the overused word on this app. So if you have other boards, like for me, I built two houses. So if I did boards on that, if I was a jewelry designer, if I did a board on that I love to cook if I did a board on that. What it boils down to is if you show the diverse and many inch Interesting sides that you have, it actually helps draw people in because they might find you that way, and not as a podcaster. And a podcaster might find you and see that you have a similar interest. So they might also be planning their wedding at the same time you’re planning yours or whatever. So am I wrong Anna, that like you kind of pick up on all the facets of each person when you go to their Pinterest? You are

Anna Vocino  30:23

correct, because I’ve hidden my remodeling projects. And I probably shouldn’t have died made secret boards out of those, I probably should not have done that. Because I think you’re correct that people want to see the whole person and see what’s going on with your life. That’s definitely true as to why my aunt Chino, Instagram is way more popular than eat happy cookbook, Instagram, because that’s where I put my whole life. So yes, I’m always promoting recipes and writing recipes. And it’s mostly food focus, but I also put my dog and dumb shit my husband says in his new Jeep, and the thing, yes, those do really well,

Holly Shannon  30:53

I keep saying I keep coming back to the sentences, your business is your brand, your brand is your business. And there’s so much truth to that. It’s why I’ve defaulted to using only Holly Shannon, for my Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I used to have a second page dedicated to my business or my podcast. And all I was doing was duplicating the posts from one and putting it on the other. But the truth is, you don’t want to bring your followers I want to bring them to the culture factor page, I want to bring them to mine, because then I’m diluting my followers and they may not see and learn about me. So I think at the end, it is about Antiva Chino, in the end, that’s it that’s where you should be posting everything. I so agree.

Anna Vocino  31:33

And it is so friggin fractured now. And where I want to pull my hair out the most is when here’s gonna have so I just launched the pre sales of my pumpkin marinara, right? I’m pre selling it from September 15 until it’s manufactured on October 7. And I’m only going to make enough to cover what we’ve pre sold and then it’s done. And what will inevitably happen is that somebody will hear about it or see a thing on another platform. And they’ll get mad that they missed it. And I’ll say, well, don’t you subscribe to my email list because I said, Yeah, I do for whatever reason it went to spam. Okay, well don’t aren’t your my Facebook group? Yeah, I am. But the algorithm maybe. And it’s just these things happen. Things are so fractured. I just feel like Pinterest is another piece of the puzzle to get people into the ecosphere of you as the brand. And that’s the best that you can do.

Ronsley Vaz  32:21

Who is very fascinated because the one that we saw with with Pinterest one day into Instagram, and then start talking about personal branding, which is obviously it all comes down to what kind of content you put out there. So I want to maybe land this plane on this question, because it’s probably going to come up a lot is like, if I’m doing all this stuff, what’s the most efficient way to include this into our workflow, if we were to think about getting onto Pinterest,

Anna Vocino  32:43

if you have a virtual assistant or somebody helping you with making your assets, it’s not that much of an extra step for them to make, because Canva has pin templates, just like they have all the other templates for all the other things. So it’s about making a concerted effort and kind of seeing where you can go. You can always delete stuff, if you feel like it’s not on brand. But honestly, I would just start to kind of sculpt a thing around it. Oh, there’s somebody on YouTube, Anastasia blogger, that’s her account. And she’s like a Pinterest expert. And she’s so sweet and has wonderfully informative. If you watch some of her stuff, she has Pinterest for podcasters and Pinterest for bloggers and how it works that she might give even better advice. But she’s one that I watched when I was first getting started. It’s just about kind of looking at what your overall thing is the people that you’re trying to capture. If you have women in your audience, chances are, some of them are going to be on Pinterest. So in your target audience, just think about that and think about ways that you could do that and, and see if it’s a strategy that you think is gonna work for me, like I said before, I decided to go all in on Pinterest, and I said, I’m gonna give it six months, and I’m paying somebody to do this. So one of those things, and then I at the end of the six months, I think I’m not even going to assess what’s happening. I took a look at the stats. Of course I was looking at that. But I was like I’m not going to assess and I’m not going to cut bait until I see if this is working. And then I saw it was working but it took that kind of upstart to get the algorithm picking you up more picking you up seeing the activity. It’s not something that you can just do once a month. But you could schedule it in tailwind once every 10 days, I think and you’re good to go.

Ronsley Vaz  34:17

Yeah, that was insightful. Any final thoughts from anyone else on the panel before


we land this plane?

Holly Shannon  34:24

I actually really want to say thank you, Anna, you really did a deep dive there and you really shared so much I’m not gonna lie I have like a little anxiety thing whenever you said at the very beginning like you should have a YouTube channel and you should have IG TV and you should have Pinterest and you should have I’m not gonna lie like it is a lot. Um, so I love that you sort of came full circle on this and, and suggested VA if anybody’s going to add more places and more apps to explore and put their content on. At this stage in the game. It’s almost easier to the Consider hiring a VA because they’re gonna get it right out of the gate for you. And then you can explore it for a window of time, like three months or six months, like Anna did, and decide if it’s really moving the needle for you. But I have to say, like, I might explode if I have to add one more app, but I want to thank you. That was like a master class. You are awesome. Thank you, Anna.

Anna Vocino  35:20

Oh, my God, I get it. But everything you want to know about Pinterest was just laid out for you and take it or leave it. And maybe this is the first time you hear it. It’s got to digest a little bit too, because it is a lot. It’s a whole other thing. It’s a whole other animal. It’s a beast. So thank you for listening. And thank you for being here.

Ronsley Vaz  35:34

Thank you, Anna, you’re such a legend. I just love listening to you. And thank you for just downloading all this. I’ve got pages of notes. Oh, thank you. We’ll see you next week. Follow the club. And thank you, Tim, for being here. I really, really appreciate you. Alright, so you still till the end, you found this useful. And you have a business. And, Paul, you have a podcast and a business. And you kind of want to make it work for you and grow your business using this podcast? Well, you know what, that’s something that I have helped 1000s of people do and 1000s of businesses do in different forms, through an agency and a one on one fashion through a conference in a group and obviously courses and stuff. So please, I want to be able to give you something that you can use to get recurring results in your business using a podcast. We call it the recurring results roadmap. It is years of putting this in practice. It is the blueprint to get results in recurring results using our podcast if you’d like that, send me a message [email protected] I want to hear from you. I want to hear your voice or I want to hear from you. So if you’ve listened to this and you want that roadmap, please send me an email [email protected] I want to hear from you. Much love. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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