280. Podcast for business

Your podcast is a fantastic marketing tool for your business. But you need to know what you’re doing to be able to create that mutualism.

On This Episode Of Should I Start A Podcast….

Use your podcast as a display case for your business.

This superstar Clubhouse panel examined the best strategies for benefiting your business through your podcast. While we covered a wide array of topics, we all agreed that, like a romantic relationship, commitment and communication is key. 

What’s the one thing your podcast does without fail? It connects you to other people. And when people are invested in you, they want more. Podcasting is a long term relationship that requires hard work and attention. Learn to build a foundation of trust that will lead to a genuine interest in the business side of your show. You will get leads to your product or idea. If you need some advice on bolstering your business through your podcast, this episode is jam-packed with tips from the experts. 

Other cool stuff in this episode: 

  • A noteworthy show
  • Leverage and repurpose
  • Your podcast as a personal brand
  • What is your “North Star?”
  • Promoting your podcast
  • Trademarks


Links and Resources: 

If you want to scale your business to 7-figures, download your free copy of The Recurring Results Roadmap for Podcasters™. Download it here –

This Roadmap gives you 3 main things:

  1. Your perfect clients’ attention – You know that you’re the best kept secret in your industry. We’ll show you how to get your audiences’ attention. It’s quite simple if you follow the right steps.
  2. Their deepest engagement – No form of content is more engaging than voice and audio. We’ll show you how to create an engaging podcast.
  3. An easy method to sell – The average sales process is a mess, for everyone. We’ll show you how to avoid ‘icky’ conversations and properly grow your business.


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