105. Ronsley Vaz on Content, Helping Others and Productization with Mel Telecican

Most people would argue that the point to a business is all about making money. While this argument does have merit, after all, without the money to sustain itself, no business would be able to continue. It’s this argument that Ronsley challenges on this episode of Should I Start a Podcast. Ronsley turns the interview wheel over to one of his former student Mel T, who asks him what the steps are to creates a business that generates a healthy income, and so much more.

By breaking down the Amplify formula as well as calling out the many myths entrepreneurs have about starting a business, Ronsley lays out the tools needed to take your business to the next level and what the key to profits is. He shares his idea on the perfect business approach, why content is key to a businesses success and how to build products that people love, want and need.

If that wasn’t enough, Ronsley also dives into:

  • Why content creation has to be a long game
  • How to create a business that only needs 10% of your efforts
  • The one part of the Amplify formula entrepreneurs that guts their profits
  • The best way to make sure your product is valuable to your clients
  • Why people hate to be sold but love to buy
  • Why offering your clients a couple of product choices makes your more money
  • The one element in your business that contributes to every conversion


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