5. Contagious stories, Doing what you're passionate about, and the Privilege to be listened to with Osher Gunsberg

5. Contagious stories, live your passion, & the privilege to be listened to feat. Osher Gunsberg

Professionally, Osher Gunsberg was a host on “Australian Idol”, for seven years, before moving to the USA 2009 to pursue his career further. In 2011 he became the first Australian to host a live, primetime, network show in the USA when he worked on “Live to Dance” on CBS. Most recently he was the host of the first season of “The Bachelor Australia” and is returning to Australia in winter 2014 for Season 2. In September 2013 he celebrated his twentieth year career in broadcasting by launching “The Osher Günsberg Podcast”.

On a personal level, Osher is vegan, practices yoga and is an enthusiastic marathon runner and cyclist. He is passionate about positive lifestyle choices and the impact that nutrition education and exercise can have on quality of life. An accomplished photographer, Osher had his first solo exhibition in Sydney in 2010.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Work your balls off
  • Don’t be afraid of change
  • Wanted to be an actor
  • Productive and creative formats
  • Ability to do what you’ve always wanted to do
  • Do what you’re passionate about
  • What’s in it for you
  • What’s in it for your audience
  • Information to people who otherwise wouldn’t know you
  • Television, YouTube and podcasting
  • Netflix
  • Content on demand
  • Larger audience
  • Contagious stories
  • Future of media
  • Quality of audio
  • New respect
  • Enormous sleet exciting for podcasting place
  • Photography
  • Specialize generalist
  • Not expert at one thing
  • Speed of mobile data
  • Cost of production of podcasting getting less expensive
  • Smart phones
  • Streaming over 3G
  • Wireless access
  • Ability to podcasts
  • Privilege to be listened to
  • Intimate relationship with devices
  • Value for your audience
  • Respect your listeners

When someone is considering a podcast as a medium, how do I know if it’s for me? How complicated is it to do a podcast?

Create the best show that you can on a subject that you know the best about. Have the ability to speak well and leisure guests.


What are the first mistakes that podcasters often make?

Ability to speak well and have clear audio quality.

What are the most important things to consider?

Which podcast should I follow, why and how often?

That’s awesome Charlie close

Smartest man in the world

Rich Roll Podcast

Heidi and Henry Podcast

Where to find Osher Gunsberg



Podcast Revolution 2 day summit

Wes Schaeffer The Sales Whisperer

Listen and Watch the full speech used in the intro – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for the podcast with Osher – startig my own vodcast/podcast/webinar/onlinelearning journey. Gave me some great ideas. Cheers Tim

    1. Cool dude… awesome … love it! let us know what it is on Twitter @wearepodcast and we’ll share it to our following

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