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Meet Tony Loyd

Fortune 500 executive turned podcaster

Based in Minnesota, USA, Tony Loyd is the host of three podcast shows. As a former Fortune 500 executive, he now helps purpose-driven business leaders thrive in life and connect with others, as well as providing a platform for under-represented voices.

Meet Dr Glen Duggan

Academic turned podcaster

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Glen initially launched his podcast as a supporting resource for his PhD research in psychology that focused on the study of laughter. Alongside his studies, Glen has gained invaluable experiences in a variety of fields, but the social nature of human psychology is what drives him the most.

Meet Scott Bryant-Comstock

Non-profit advocate turned podcaster

Based in North Carolina, USA, Scott is the CEO / founder of the Children’s Mental Health Network and host of two heart-centered podcasts. For the past 40 years, his journey as a mental health advocate has traveled from volunteering at a suicide and crisis center, professional roles as a therapist, and national reviewer of children’s mental health systems reform efforts. 

Meet Trivinia Barber

Entrepreneur turned podcaster

Based in Georgia, USA, Trivinia is keynote speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Through her wide range of business activities (including being founder of internationally regarded business Priority VA), she helps business owners build teams they can trust. Trivinia has placed high-performing staff with some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the world.

Meet Mick Hawes

Business coach turned podcaster

Based in Tasmania, Australia, Mick is a podcaster and founder of Builders Business Black Belt. He developed the coaching program out of an incredible passion and commitment to make an impact in areas of the building industry that create unnecessary pain and frustrations for both the builder and client.


Meet Pam Covarrubias

Branding coach turned podcaster

Based in California, USA, Pam Covarrubias is dynamically skilled as an intuitive brand builder, emotional spirit coach, podcaster, and speaker. Her passion is helping women and small business owners craft, grow and manage their brand, and her mission is "Spread ideas, move people."

Meet Tony Loyd

Meet Rowan Mackey

Media producer turned podcaster

Based in Victoria, Australia, Rowan is a digital creative with 400,000+ podcast downloads under his belt as a presenter and producer. Rowan produces the official Geelong Cats podcast To the Final Bell, is a producer of the internationally recognized TV show Destination Happiness, and hosts the Psych Spiels and Silver Linings podcast.


Meet Jenna Gibbons

Teacher turned podcaster

Based in Tennessee, USA, Jenna is host of The Whole Mama podcast and founder of The Whole Mama community. She is passionate about helping equip parents — especially mothers who are constantly spread thin — with all the tools, tips, and resources they need to bring love, growth, and fun back to families when they need it most. Jenna is also co-founder of non-profit Hickory Hill Farm, which provides animals and people with a place of peace, happiness, and healing.

Meet Hubert Hiemstra

Veterinarian turned podcaster

Based in Queensland, Australia (but originally from South Africa), Dr Hugh is host of a number of podcasts, including The Vet Vault, and has enjoyed a 20+ year career as a a veterinarian on three continents.