Launch Accelerator: IMAGINE

Welcome to the We Are Podcast Launch Accelerator!

In this series, you’ll learn a proven step-by-step method for conceptualizing, recording, releasing, and managing a successful podcast.

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It’s human nature that we want the magic bullet to success, but if you follow this formula and take that consistent action, you too will be able to get a massive ROI on your podcast and building a thriving business that helps a lot of people.

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In Session #1:
» How a podcast can improve your confidence.
» How to think differently and create a show that matters.
» Why the right definition of success is so important.
» How to sustain what you create.
» An overview of the AMPLIFY Framework to create your own audio marketing machine.
» The 3 things that every business needs.
» The fundamentals to creating a quality podcast from day one.
» The progression to making a movement from your podcast; and
» What equipment and resources you need to get started.

We’ll also take you through a worksheet that will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience: who your ideal listeners are, what their fears and frustrations are, and what they’re looking for.

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Once the top half of that worksheet is complete, you’ll be primed to map out the ultimate solution to help that audience and the outcomes you’ll deliver.