February 2021

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🎟 Learn the secrets that catapulted everyday people into the most RENOWNED podcasters on the planet.

🎟 Establish relationships at the HIGHEST level and align your brand with true change-makers.

🎟 Build a profitable business that gives you FREEDOM — in all areas of your life.

🎟 Reveal the best strategies to THRIVE in the most uncertain time our generation has ever faced.

🎟 Oh, and if you don't have a podcast (or even a concept), we'll show you how to create, launch, and monetize a professional show that's profitable from day one AND build an entire business around it.

PLUS ... you'll get a backstage pass to see what the top podcasters do differently that exponentially boosted their income, impact, and audience. Better yet, they'll show you how YOU can do it, too.

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We Are Podcast is for entrepreneurs, professionals, and podcasters who feel like they're destined for more and want to use their voice for good.

If you're tired of waiting for it to happen, and instead want to make it happen, surround yourself with the BEST! Our experts are here for one reason: to help YOU make money from your passion.

Join us this February at We Are Podcast, the world's #1 interactive event for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and professionals 🚀

Speaker Highlights from House Sessions in May

May 2020 House Sessions Recap

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Not sure if podcasting is for you and want a small taste of the We Are Podcast experience? Our General ticket would be best for you.

It includes:

  • Access to all sessions LIVE

  • Event program / workbook

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Get EVERYTHING from General, plus USD $4,000+ worth of bonuses!

It includes:

  • Podcast Equipment & Systems 101 Guide (USD $97)

  • 90 mins Podcast Equipment & Systems Training (USD $197)

  • Video Creation for Podcasters Course (USD $597)

  • Launch Accelerator (USD $1,497)

  • Growth Accelerator (USD $1,497)

  • 6-Week LIVE Launch Accelerator, starting 8th March (USD $1,497)

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Get EVERYTHING from Premium, plus USD $7,000+ worth of bonuses!

It includes:

  • Full video replays of ALL sessions

  • Product Accelerator (USD $1,497)

  • AMPLIFY Implementation Course+ Audible audiobook of AMPLIFY (USD $997)

  • VIP Live Mastermind hosted by Ronsley Vaz and James Whittaker (USD $597)

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Event FAQs

What we are known for

No matter where you’re at in your podcasting journey, we’ve got you covered 🎙️

We Are Podcast
We Are Podcast

Since 2015, our flagship events have been transforming the lives of individuals, businesses, and brands alike. Catering to both aspiring and existing podcasters, We Are Podcast has quickly developed a reputation as a 'must attend' event in the industry. Aspiring podcasters will get everything they need to conceive, launch, and grow a successful and profitable podcast. Existing podcasters will get everything they need to 10x their audience, make their show insanely profitable, and establish high-level relationships to amplify their impact.
  • For both aspiring and existing podcasters

  • Learn how to conceive, launch, and grow a successful and profitable podcast

  • Access the latest marketing strategies to stand out from your competition

  • Network with other like-minded people and connect with industry experts

  • Live and interactive event, held either online, at a specific location or both

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We Are Members
We Are Members

If you have an existing podcast, We Are Members will show you to build a thriving business around it. However, it is NOT for everyone. All those who join must meet a specific criterion. You must:

  • Have an existing podcast
  • Have already monetized that podcast to USD $1K - $3K in monthly revenue (or have 1,000+ listeners per episode);
  • and Want to grow that business to USD $15K in monthly revenue within the next 6-12 months.

Members meet for a 3-hour monthly intensive, as well as 90-minute guest expert session focusing specifically on what you can do to make money from your podcast and giving you experiences that money can’t buy.

Since launching in August 2020, people from three continents have joined the We Are Members community. If you meet the above criteria and want to chat more about how We Are Members can help you, get in touch.

  • For existing podcasters

  • Grow your business to $15,000+ in monthly revenue within 6-12 months

  • Mastermind with like-minded people from around the world

  • Have industry experts to work on your business and your brand in real time

  • Enjoy free VIP tickets to every We Are Podcast / House Sessions event

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Launch Accelerator
Launch Accelerator

The We Are Podcast Launch Accelerator is for aspiring podcasters who want to launch a quality show from day one. In this six-part Accelerator, you will be given a step-by-step guide to:

  • Conceptualize
  • Record
  • Release, and
  • Manage a successful podcast.

If you want to launch a differentiated podcast that quickly attracts a large audience, establishes yourself as an authority in your industry, and creates the foundation for you to generate an ongoing income, this is the Accelerator for you.

  • For new podcasters

  • Learn how to launch a quality podcast from day one

  • Create a unique show that people love

  • Know what equipment to buy

  • Enjoy the creation process without all the stress


Growth Accelerator
Growth Accelerator

The We Are Podcast Growth Accelerator is for existing podcasters. We go through:

  • The Movement Creator
  • How to Improve Your Show
  • Repurposing on Steroids
  • The Super Invitation
  • Using Social for Attention, and
  • The Partner Multiplier.

If you have an existing podcast and want to learn how to differentiate your show, make it as professional as the top 1% of podcasts, and create uncapped monetization opportunities, this is the Accelerator for you.

  • For existing podcasters

  • Use the exact formula as the top 1% of podcasts

  • The 3 networks to optimize your show for growth

  • How to automate your processes to increase your impact and reduce your stress

  • How to stack your credibility to turbocharge your results

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