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Ready to grow your business?

Our 12-week Amplifier will give you the turbocharge you need.

As the most comprehensive program of its type in the world, we will give you the exact steps to:

  • More listeners
  • More clients, and
  • More credibility...

All from your podcast.

Even better, we GUARANTEE results.

So, if you have your own business, have already launched a podcast, and want the ultimate growth blueprint, join us...

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We Are Podcast has been an incredible experience. Ronsley does an exceptional job. I appreciate his dedication and genuine passion to helping everyone grow in their careers.

Sandy Waters

Our Amplifier is the right fit for you if you:

  • Are a business owner. The industry is not important, since our process works in any industry. The most important thing is that you have an existing business and have products and / or services that help your clients.
  • Have a podcast. A podcast is the ultimate revenue driver for your business — if you have the right plan. We simply need to make sure you have an existing podcast that you’re using to raise awareness of your business.
  • Are committed to the journey. Even though we’ll give you all the tools, templates, and strategies to grow your business fast, you’ll still need to put in the work. Your results will correlate with your commitment.

By the end of this program you will have:

Upgraded your podcast

and turned existing listeners into loyal supporters.

Improved your shareability

to get access to exponentially more people.

Built an organic growth pipeline

for maximum visibility from content you’ve already made.

Developed more confidence to sell

instead of letting your ideal prospects fall through the cracks.

Created your prospect filter

so only your ideal people become clients.

Validated your sales method

for a higher conversion rate and predictable revenue.

Attracted sponsors to invest in your brand

and built a bigger pie for everyone to enjoy

Secured partner opportunities

as well as access to new audiences

Built a quickly-growing professional network

to have influential friends who help with whatever you need.

But above all else…

Our Amplifier will give you the blueprint to getting more listeners, more clients, and more credibility so you can enjoy exponential returns from the work you’re already putting in.

Join the waitlist

The Workflow

In your 12 week accelerator, we will spend 4 weeks each to grow 3 main areas…

Listeners: Reach more people who need your help and give them a dedicated path to receive the help they need.

Clients: Design products that help you scale, enjoy a pipeline of eager clients, and create predictable revenue.

Credibility: Gain trust with those who matter most, be recognised as an authority, and get access to unique opportunities.

Curriculum Details

  • Week 1: Grow listeners 101
  • Week 2: Improve your podcast to retain your listeners.
  • Week 3: Increase the shareability of each episode.
  • Week 4: Repurpose content for organic social growth.
  • Week 5: Grow clients 101
  • Week 6: Confidently invite your audience to work with you.
  • Week 7: Filter your leads to work only with your ideal clients.
  • Week 8: Have a proven method to sell for consistent revenue.
  • Week 9: Grow credibility 101
  • Week 10: Attract sponsors who want to invest in your brand.
  • Week 11: Get access to new audiences and opportunities.
  • Week 12: Build your network to have influential friends.
We Are Podcast is hands down, the most engaging, content-rich experience available.
Scott Bryant-Comstock