2016 virtual tickets for We Are Podcast

We Are Podcast 2016 Virtual Ticket

The hardest part about being a businessĀ is knowing what to implement to getĀ the best results

We Are Podcast 2016 Virtual TicketIn 2016, We Are Podcast focused on Monetisation & Growth. Our speakers focused not only on how to use a podcast to create revenue, but how to optimise every aspect of your online business.

This virtual ticket will give you access to the video recordings of every single session that took place at We Are Podcast in 2016.

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Some more you might want to know

  • Only 300 virtual tickets – Our main aim with selling these virtual tickets is to reach a total impact of 75,000 children. So, all we need is 300 tickets to get there. Once we hit 300 (if we hit 300) the sale will stop.
  • We Are Podcast is all about impact – As a result of the speakers, attendees and partners we have managed to impact 41,400 children in Kenya, Cambodia & India. Every virtual ticket will educate 112 children.
  • Tickets on sale – The tickets will go on sale on the 2nd of February 2017 at 9 am Brisbane Time.
  • Share the love If you feel that someone will get value from this ticket and as a result will impact 112 children, please share this page.
  • Contact – If you have any questions, please email Nicole at nicole@amplifyagency.media
  • The early bird gets the worm – There will be early bird tickets at $199
  • BONUSĀ  If you buy a virtual ticket before the 7th of February 2017, we will give you all the video recordings from We Are Podcast 2015 – FREE.

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Day 1 Sessions

Day 2 Sessions

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