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Podcast ROI – is it a thing?

Return on Investment (ROI) is really where most podcasters struggle. There is so much time, effort, money & mental struggle that goes into creating a podcast – but how do you measure the podcast ROI?

Whether you want to start a podcast or you have one and want an ROI on your podcast – these videos will get you on the right path to making your podcast profitable. With over 40 experts from around the world covering every topic from concept validation to podcast marketing … these videos will give you so much more than you ever wanted to get your podcast working for you and your business.

This is a comprehensive list of expert videos that will answer every podcasting and online business question you’ll have. In fact, every  podcaster should think about their podcast ROI and how to create one that gives them a return.

Check out the list below…

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  • How to Host a Great Interview by Jordan Harbinger
  • The Secrets of Riveting Storytelling for Podcasts by Sean D’Souza
  • From Lawyer to Blogger to Podcaster! by Clarissa Rayward
  • How to building relationships and influence using a podcast by Adam Franklin
  • How to create an SEO-friendly podcast by Kate Toon
  • Nail Your Niche by Clint Salter
  • Panel – Membership Models with Sean D’Souza, Nathan Chan, Carla Papas, & Ronsley Vaz
  • Panel – Sponsorships with Omar Zenhom, Aaron Fifield, Jordan Harbinger, Darren Rowse & Ronsley Vaz
  • How to get your podcast a viable sponsor by Aaron Fifield
  • Staying sane in the insecure world of content creation by Andrew Griffiths
  • 7 simple marketing hacks to get more downloads on your podcast by Nathan Chan
  • The 7 Steps to grow your business using audio by Ronsley Vaz
  • From Failed Podcast to Best of iTunes: how we did it, how you can too by Omar & Nicole
  • How I use my podcast to sell more stuff by Glen Carlson
  • From Mediocre to Magical: How to bring more happiness to your business by Emma & Carla
  • You Are Not A ScumBag If You Make A Living From Your Podcast by Ed Dale
  • Perception – How to make your show irresistible to the right people by Franziska Iseli
  • Panel – Social Media with Adam Houlahan, Loren Bartley, Katie Wyatt, Clint Salter & Lousia Dahl
  • Panel – Women in Digital with Holly Tattersall, Louisa Dahl, Kate Toon, Emma Papas & Amber Hawken
  • Being Brave, Being Bold, Going Deep by Kristie Melling
  • Convert more clients from your podcast with a Facebook Group by Katie Wyatt
  • 10 Things You Can Do Today that Will Pay Off on Your Podcast Forever by Darren Rowse
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