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Through We Are Members (a.k.a. the Wamily), we help business owners leverage their podcast for massive business growth. To do this, we include:

  • Results-driven business coaching (valued at USD $60,000+):
    As soon as you join, you’ll begin receiving access to Units that will reveal the steps / actions you need to implement to start generating $10K+ months in recurring revenue from your business ASAP. Once you’ve achieved your base $10K, you will immediately receive free access to our higher-level coaching Units.

  • Guest expert sessions (valued at USD $40,000+):
    Our community gets access to some of the most renowned entrepreneurs, marketers, and podcasters to work with them in real time to grow their business.

  • Twice-weekly coaching (valued at USD $30,000+):
    We get it, you need personalized help and you need it fast! Twice a week, we run live coaching sessions so our Members can get the help they need. You’ve never experienced support like you’ll experience in the Wamily.

  • Monthly intensive (valued at USD $20,000+):
    Once a month, our community comes together for our live monthly intensive where we teach a new Unit from our Recurring Results Roadmap™ and plan your next 30 days.

  • Monthly mastermind (valued at USD $5,000+):
    We have an incredible community, so we run live monthly mastermind sessions as a way for our Members to help each other with whatever business / podcast (even life!) obstacle they’re facing.

  • Membership library (valued at USD $5,000+):
    Our membership library features videos from 100+ industry experts, including replays from every session at every event, accelerator, and workshop we’ve hosted. Is there a topic you desperately want to upskill on? Hit search and you’ll have instant access.

  • Exclusive membership platform (valued at $5,000+):
    Once you join the Wamily, you’ll be invited to join our private online community — available as a mobile app and on desktop — so you can connect with other high achievers and top-tier business leaders who will support you every step of the way. If you want immediate help, to share a win, or show your gratitude for someone else in the Wamily, there’s no better place.

  • Ticket to every event (valued at USD $2,000+):
    Our events have been attended by people from 30+ countries and we’ve featured some of the biggest names in business and podcasting. Everyone in the Wamily receives a free ticket to every event we run.

That’s USD $160,000+ in value each year.

But what’s the BEST news?

* wait for it *

The total cost is a teeny fraction of that 😉

Join We Are Members and start scaling your business using your podcast...

Level Price  
We Are Members - Annual Growth Plan (Instalments) $2,250.00 every 3 Months. Select
We Are Members - Annual Growth Plan $6,950.00 per Year. Select

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