Broadcast Your Message 2016

Everything you need to create, monetise and grow your podcast

RonsleyHave you been thinking this podcast thing is not going away? It seems to be growing even bigger (which you are right). You probably want to get into the podcasting game and want to know how much work and time is required. And, most importantly, if you are cut out for it.

Maybe you want to know what kind of equipment you need or what kind of content to deliver. Will having a podcast let you grow your business and get money coming in the door?

So, if you’ve been thinking about podcasting and would like to know the answers to some of the questions above, I’m running my annual Broadcast Your Message course starting April 18th 2016.

But before all that, lets find out if it is something that you’d like to pursue, or if you have the bandwidth to make it happen. Book in for an alignment call and we will take it from there.

Much love, Ronsley.

what will you getWhat you will get:

  • 5 x 1-on-1 60 minute coaching sessions with me
  • 12 x live online training sessions
  • 2 x 1-day hands-on workshops
  • All podcast hardware bought for you (includes microphone, mixing desk, cables, USB adapters, mic stand, headphones and adaptors)
  • All recordings from current sessions
  • All templates for every part of the development process
  • All videos from previous Broadcast Your Message courses (bonus)
  • 1 year membership to We Are Podcast (bonus)

what will you createWhat you will create:

A unique concept based on you and your business

A system that will automate your marketing process

A one-of-a-kind podcast platform

A social media marketing system that covers multiple platforms

Your business product ecosystem

An email marketing strategy and list building method

inside We Are PodcastInside We Are Podcast Membership:

  • Group accountability calls with me every 28 days
  • Monthly Expert E-learning trainings
  • Free audio hosting
  • All previous webinar recordings
  • Special member deals
  • Great online community with guest and host referrals

Our Learning ProcessThe subject points:

Make clear your concept by Ronsley Vaz

Establish your brand by Ronsley Vaz

Create a unique voice for your podcast by Greg Barth

Be everywhere branding by Trevor Young

Setup your systems (hardware) by Ronsley Vaz

Hardware Systems intensive by Nathan Strong

The microphones and your recording environment by Karly Nimmo

Setup your systems (software) by Ronsley Vaz

The technical setup by Ronsley Vaz

Structure your recordings by Ronsley Vaz

Storytelling by Andrew Griffiths

The recording & editing process by Ronsley Vaz

Arrange your recordings by Ronsley Vaz

Walk through of a standard workflow by Sean Ackerman

The editing setup by Ronsley Vaz

Get on your soapbox by Ronsley Vaz

Pinterest Power by Adam Houlahan

Facebook Marketing by Phil McGreggor

Outline your product ecosystem with Ronsley Vaz

The publishing & marketing process by Ronsley Vaz

Grow your email list by Adam Franklin

Repurpose your podcast episodes by James Tuckerman

Instagram domination by Nathan Chan

Engage your audience by Ronsley Vaz

Engage and grow your audience by Scott Webber

Creating your sellable product

LinkedIn Setup by Adam Houlahan

Build your community by Robert Gerrish