Established in 2015, We Are Podcast began as the first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, its mission continues: to bring together the most extraordinary individuals and companies to help attendees humanize their business using voice.


​Connection. Collaboration. Contribution.

More than 37% of American adults are now regular podcast listeners, while leading professionals and entrepreneurs amass millions of downloads and tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

We Are Podcast has united professionals, founders, and brands alike to give them all the tips, strategies, and resources to leverage one of the fastest growing and most exciting avenues for business growth. It also provides an opportunity for like-minded people to get together, collaborate, and explore partnerships that strengthen their client relationships while dramatically boosting their profitability.

​“You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.”
Austin Kleon

In times of turmoil, the greatest opportunities are not just revealed — they’re created. Join us at one of our flagship events to learn everything you need to achieve enormous business growth.

When the pandemic passes (and it will), your actions NOW will make all the difference.

We Are Podcast House Sessions

Date: 21st – 23rd May 2020
Where: Virtual experience

In May 2020, We Are Podcast will host the world’s first multi-day, multi-stream, live virtual experience. Join more than a thousand attendees from across the globe and learn how the power of voice can transform your business.

​You will:

  • ​Have access to 30+ renowned experts in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and marketing
  • ​Learn tactical solutions to shift your business in a rapidly evolving world
  • ​Join small group sessions to boost your network and take immediate action

Day 1 / Day 2:

The first two days will be dedicated to hearing the secrets of experts at the top of their game so you can use their exact blueprint to turbocharge your business and make an impact in 2020 and beyond. Learn what actually works rather than wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out for yourself.

In addition to these signature keynotes available to all attendees, there will be tailored sessions for two segments:
•    Group 1: Before a Podcast
•    Group 2: After a Podcast

The result? You’ll be given a step-by-step guide to achieving what you want, regardless of where you’re at in your podcasting journey.

Also, our virtual experience software will ensure interaction is high and that you have a voice throughout the event, all from the comfort of your own home.

Day 3:

The final day will feature the mastermind where our experts won’t just be showing you what works, they’ll be helping you do it right then and there! Ask as many questions as you like related to your circumstances, offer your expertise to help others, and forge life-changing relationships. The mastermind component is strictly limited to 30 people.

​Feel like you’re treading water in your business or simply want the blueprint to being recognized as a global authority? This is the event for you.

Welcome to We Are Podcast House sessions!

All live. All virtual. And all too convenient.

​Tickets will be released on Monday, 20th April.


​At upcoming event We Are Podcast House Sessions, 30+ speakers will be revealing their exact strategies to help you reinvigorate your business so you can make an impact in 2020 and beyond.

​Jordan Harbinger

​Jordan has hosted a top 50 iTunes podcast for over 12 years and receives over six million downloads per month, making The Jordan Harbinger Show one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The show was awarded Apple’s “Best of 2018” and is one of the most downloaded shows each year.

​David Meltzer

​David is a three-time international best-selling author, the executive producer of Entrepreneur’s #1 digital business show, Elevator Pitch, and host of the acclaimed podcast, The Playbook. David has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

​Melissa Ambrosini

​Melissa is a two-time bestselling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. Her top-rated podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, Melissa’s mission is to inspire others to unlock their full potential and create the business and life of their dreams.

​Hal Elrod

​Hal is the author of mega-bestselling book The Miracle Morning, which has been translated into 37 languages, and founder of the Miracle Morning book series. Hal is also host of the Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod podcast.

Also featuring:

Allison Melody

Barry Magliarditi

Chris Dufey

Dave Jackson

Emily Fletcher

Joel Brown

Katie Hankinson

Katie Krimitsos

Laura Foster

​Laura Petersen

​Lawrence Tham

​Michelle Falzon

​Nicole Baldinu

​Omar Zenhom

​Ray Blakney

​Steph Taylor

​Taki Moore

​Travis Chappell

​Trivinia Barber

​Tucker Max

​Many more coming soon!

​We Are Podcast LA  

​Date: 11th – 13th November 2020:
Where: Los Angeles, California

In November 2020, the We Are Podcast movement hosts its first event on US soil. Strictly limited to 200 people, attendees will have unprecedented access to renowned experts in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Who We Are

Ronsley Vaz

​Founder / Chief Product Officer
B.E. CSE, MSoftEng, MBA, DipFS(FP)

Ronsley is the founder of award-winning digital marketing agency Amplify. In addition to being the world's first audio marketing agency, Amplify helps leading brands position their messaging to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Ronsley’s first book Amplify has helped countless companies, associations, and individuals to raise their voice, boost their brand, and grow their business. Through his range of podcasts, including Bond Appetit and Should I Start a Podcast, Ronsley has been downloaded and listened to more than five million times in 133 countries.

In 2015, Ronsley founded We Are Podcast, the first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere, as an annual event to bring together some of the most extraordinary individuals and companies in the podcast space to help attendees supercharge their business—while feeling more inspired and empowered than ever before.

In 2019, Ronsley launched audio-documentary The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, a no holds barred insight into the daily struggles and pitfalls that entrepreneurs face in their mission to transform the world.

​As producer and host, Ronsley interviewed iconic business leaders and mindset experts to equip entrepreneurs with the tools to stay productive in the face of adversity.

In demand as a keynote speaker, Ronsley travels around the world to share his business strategies with those who have the yearning for something more in their lives and to help them solve meaningful problems in their own way. His TEDx speech ‘The Perfect Recipe for a Deep Conversation’ encourages real connection and inspires people to think bigger than their circumstances and unite behind a common good.

As a qualified chef, Ronsley loves nothing more than sharing an evening and a meal with deep thinkers while discussing how to make the world a better place for all of us.

James Whittaker

​​Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer
BA, B.Bus(Mgt), AdvDipFS(FP), M​​​​BA

James grew up in Australia where he enjoyed a successful 10-year career in financial planning, running a company with more than $2 billion under management, before starting his own entrepreneurial journey. Today, James has launched companies and products across a range of industries including healthcare, marketing, film, activewear, and publishing.

He is in demand internationally as a keynote speaker and is a frequent guest in media, having appeared on 300+ radio, podcast, and television shows, and in globally recognized publications such as Entrepreneur, Money, and Success Magazine.

James is a two-time bestselling author, with his second book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy released in 2018 as the official companion to the multi-million-dollar film based on Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic. James is also a proud co-executive producer of the film. His third book will be released in September 2020.

In addition, James is host of Win the Day with James Whittaker, a podcast designed to help people take ownership of their financial, physical, and mental health.

Through his tailored keynotes, bestselling books, and leadership programs, James has helped hundreds of individuals and companies reach new heights of accountability, happiness, and success. In addition to his own experience, James shares lessons garnered from his interviews with more than 100 of the world’s most accomplished business leaders, cultural icons, and athletes, to reveal what is possible for those who dream big, follow the right plan, and win the day.

Above all, he hopes to instill the important fundamental truth that each day, if we do not make the decision to win, we have automatically made the decision to lose.


​Since 2015, We Are Podcast has changed tens of thousands of lives. This simply would not be possible without the dedication of our incredible speakers, partners, and attendees – all driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the world. We are also deeply indebted to the support team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keeps things running seamlessly and give everyone an unforgettable experience.  

While we are proud of what we have achieved, this is only just the beginning! We’re always on the lookout for good people who believe in our values (connection, collaboration, contribution), think differently, and are passionate about helping professionals and entrepreneurs humanize their business using voice. If you want to work with us, Get in Touch.

​If you have any questions regarding We Are
Podcast, our events, or how we can be of
service to you, get in touch.